Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Photo Essay of Ogden, Utah Area!

Today, I just want to show you some of the beauty we have found here in Utah!  It is an amazing, beautiful and welcoming place and we are enjoying every single minute here.  Each day we try to explore something new and we have a "bucket list" of so much more!

This is a sunset taken from the top of Alleged, a newly opened restaurant in town. 
History says it used to be a brothel "back in the days" of the Wild West! 

 Historic 25th Street was the main road I saw coming into town, and now I want to live as close as possible to this little strip of fabulous boutiques (reasonably priced) and restaurants and so much more.  Lovely small town feel.  Accessible to everything.  You can walk to just about anything you need from here, and bicycles are welcome too!
 Interior Lobby of the Ben Lomond Hotel on 25th Street.  It was first built in 1890 and there is so much history here.  It has been updated, but gentle care has been taken to preserve the antiquity and charm it had all those many years ago.  Lovely.  Breakfast in the Lobby in the morning is great and they have a lovely restaurant on the 11th floor with a beautiful view for lunch and dinner.

What a lovely place to spend our first four months here.  We are actually negotiating to spend a year or more, as our townhome will not be completed until next year!
 Ogden Municipal Park is right across the street from the Hotel, and Buddy and I walk there every day.  There are beautiful huge trees, flower gardens, brick pathways and an Amphitheater where they show movies (free) every Monday night.  They also have many free concerts, etc.  Lovely.

 Firefighters Memorial in the center of the Park for all those who have lost their lives protecting the lives and property of others.  Touching place to sit and listen to the birds in the shade of the day.
 Hiking trails abound everywhere here...hike to the mountains, hike up the mountains, hike through the canyons, beside the river...you name it....HIKING is really big here!
 This beautiful Ogden River is cold and clear and the water which comes down from the mountains is clean enough to drink!  Lovely.  Buddy enjoyed it's refreshing coolness and taste!
There are all kinds of wonderful little spots to sit and refresh yourself and just plain enjoy what nature has to offer!

 After talking with a lot of locals, we decided to spend the Fourth celebrating in Huntsville Town, which is just a short drive through beautiful Ogden Canyon.

Pineview Lake there and it is huge and beautiful, but the amazing thing about Huntsville Town was the beauty and incredible friendliness of the people there!
It is a town of only about 700 people, but they are all so welcoming.  We met the Sheriff and Mayor and his wife.  They were so down-to-earth and proud of their little town.  Livie gave it a "thumbs up" when she saw the size of her cotton candy!
Granpa and the Little Tigress enjoying the shade under the huge old fir trees surrounding the town square.

Cowgirl hats were the order of the day, and both girls got a brand new shiny one of their very own!
It was a "family day" in the best way with rides, games and antique cars and something for everyone!

 Everything about this day was totally amazing and reminded me of the 50's and 60's when I was growing up.  It was a real hometown kind of fourth with burgers and dogs and people cooking out in the square. 

 There was music and dancing and parade and flag raising...and at the end of the day a really moving ceremony with mounted horseman to retire the flag for the day.
 Catch anyone?
And then there was a dance and everyone danced from 8 PM until the Fireworks began at 10 PM!  An amazing display ended an absolutely perfect day for all.  We will be back in Huntsville Town for the Fourth again next year!

The next day took us back through the Ogden Canyon to Snowbasin.  Snowbasin Resort is owned/operated by the same people as Sun Valley, Idaho.  It is actually called a Sun Valley Resort.  It is incredibly beautiful!

I can only imagine what this place will look like when the snow begins to fall and there are people skiing on the slopes.
 So here is a kind of "photo essay" of our day at Snowbasin.

 Just a little taste of what is available there is presented here and when the snow comes, I will have more to share with you!

Right now the vistas are incredible.  There is Earl's Lodge at the middle of the mountain where you can board a gondola to go up the mountain to Needles Lodge.  We decided to do just that, and got 9,333 feet of beauty spread out before us!  Amazing views from this location.  You can actually hike a bit further, and see Ogden and beyond from the ridge, but I haven't gotten used to the elevation as yet, so didn't want to push it! Here are a few shots which will give you an idea of just how beautiful this place is!

I hope you enjoy my "photo essay" of Snowbasin.  We will be traveling all over the West, and I can't wait to share all of these marvelous vistas with you!



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