Sunday, January 14, 2018

We Are ALL Americans?

Watching the news has become more and more painful with each passing day of the past year.
Who ARE we? WHERE are we? What the heck is going on in what used to be the most welcoming, successful and amazing Country in the world?

In the past week our president referred to other countries as ****hole countries! This is a statement that has NEVER been recorded in the Oval Office in the history of the Nation.  And I don't want to hear "Libtard" or "Republicon" one more time.  People it isn't about PARTY anymore! It is about what made this Country great!

The beautiful Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor has a plaque stating:  GIVE me your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send THESE, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.

I lift my Lamp beside the GOLDEN DOOR!

Where oh where is THAT Golden Door in 2018?  Our Nation was FOUNDED by immigrants. Our Nation was FOUNDED by individuals coming from poverty, starvation, religious persecution...all searching for a BETTER life for themselves and their families.

When I was in grade school we often talked of the USA as the "melting pot" where people from all over the world came to build lives in a Country which offered, Freedom.  Freedom of choice, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech and a Free Press.

AGAIN IT IS NOT ABOUT PARTY AFFILIATION, what is happening in America today is about GREED, RACISM, RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION and a failure to understand and embrace the values upon which this Nation was built.

Freedom means you can choose which religion you want to follow, or not follow any at all.  Freedom means you are not afraid to speak up when you feel you or someone else has been wronged.  Freedom means that you will not be defined by the color of your skin or the language you speak, or your Country of Origin.  The PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS was promised to ALL, not to just a select few.

Bullies are appearing in every corner of our Country from grade school to senior citizens.  It is being "allowed" as acceptable because we have come to think of it as "normal."  It IS NOT normal.

Social media has fed this frenzy.  People hide behind their computer and telephone screens and call each other names and say unspeakable things to others they know nothing about.  Social bullying is the norm with people calling others "Libtards and Republicons" and "idiots and jerks."  There is no restraint or consequence for this despicable behavior.

Tweeting out hateful remarks instead of learning to share thoughts and feelings, opinions and ideas has become the social norm.  As a result we are no longer a "great" Country.  We are losing the respect of countries and people around the world.  We no longer stand as a "beacon of hope" for the struggling and oppressed peoples of the world.  And please don't say we are a "Christian" nation.  The behavior and language coming out of our own White House is anything BUT Christ like.  Men marching in the streets with torches threatening those whose skin is not the same color as theirs; people marching in AMERICAN streets wearing NAZI symbols and chanting Nazi slogans can not be seen as "good people" or "acceptable."

My greatest fear is what is it going to take for ALL of us, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindi, Athiest or Agnostic to come together and REBUILD what had been known as the beacon of HOPE for not only those within our own borders, but around the world? WE ARE NOT LIBERALS, REPUBLICANS, LIBERTARIAN OR GREEN PARTY!! We are ALL within these borders AMERICANS first and foremost.  We must revisit the Constitution and Bill of Rights and return to the principles upon which this Country was founded.

We MUST remember to love our fellow Americans and be willing to reach out around the world to help others who are less fortunate than we.  Isolationism, Nationalism and Greed must not be allowed to define this great Country.  WAKE UP AMERICA! Let us reach out to each other and return America to the greatness it was once known for.  We must do this NOW, or our Country will not survive and will disappear into history as a "failed" experiment.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Okaloosa Girl: TAKING A KNEE

Okaloosa Girl: TAKING A KNEE: Okay, I'm not taking sides here, but WHO decided that taking a knee is disrespectful? Don't Christians KNEEL to PRAY to show RESPE...

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Okay, I'm not taking sides here, but WHO decided that taking a knee is disrespectful?
Don't Christians KNEEL to PRAY to show RESPECT to the Lord?  Don't Muslims, Buddhists, and many other religious persons KNEEL to RESPECT their Gods?

Kneeling before Kings and Queens and other royalty has been practiced for countless centuries.  Why is it suddenly DISRESPECTFUL TO KNEEL?

STANDING could be considered disrespectful by some in some instances.  It isn't the POSITION OF THE BODY WHICH DISPLAYS RESPECT, IT IS THE POSITION OF THE HEART!!!

Many African-Americans and whites as well feel that there has been far too much disrespect shown for the LIVES of black Americans..are we going back to the days when there were nooses displayed? Back to the days when Rosa Parks had to resist sitting in the BACK OF THE BUS!

There are people inside this Country (and outside this Country) trying to DIVIDE US!  I ACTUALLY BELIEVE WE ALL SHOULD BE TAKING A KNEE RIGHT NOW!  A knee to pray for UNITY! A knee to pray for all those who are suffering from the effects of TWO horrible hurricanes.  A knee to pray for Mexico City and a horrific earthquake and its aftermath.  A knee to pray for PUERTO RICO who has suffered irreparable damage from not ONE but TWO hurricanes.  No one has ever seen the kind of devastation which Puerto Rico is suffering from right now.  The people are THIRSTING, HUNGRY, DYING FROM LACK OF MEDICATION AND MEDICAL CARE!  And then we have someone saying "they just want us to do everything for them?" Really
Puerto Rico and her AMERICAN Citizens NEED US TO DO EVERYTHING!  They are an island who has been cut off from communication, power, radar, food, water and medical care...Their infrastructure has been decimated.  They NEED all the help we can give!

WE NEED TO TAKE A KNEE AND PRAY THAT THE DIVISION IN THIS COUNTRY IS HEALED.  I love the Flag and the Anthem as much as ANYONE.  But it isn't about the Flag and the Anthem people, it IS ABOUT WHAT THEY STAND FOR~~  FREEDOM, freedom of religion, freedom to protest, freedom of the Press, freedom to stand up for what is RIGHT, GOOD and Honest,  AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!  It IS ABOUT THE AMERICAN DREAM!  It is about working TOGETHER to forge a Country so strong that NO THREAT can divide or conquer us!

A Land where we can all be proud of.  Stand up against divisive language.  Stand up for the rights of others.  BELIEVE AGAIN