Sunday, October 1, 2017

Okaloosa Girl: TAKING A KNEE

Okaloosa Girl: TAKING A KNEE: Okay, I'm not taking sides here, but WHO decided that taking a knee is disrespectful? Don't Christians KNEEL to PRAY to show RESPE...

Saturday, September 30, 2017


Okay, I'm not taking sides here, but WHO decided that taking a knee is disrespectful?
Don't Christians KNEEL to PRAY to show RESPECT to the Lord?  Don't Muslims, Buddhists, and many other religious persons KNEEL to RESPECT their Gods?

Kneeling before Kings and Queens and other royalty has been practiced for countless centuries.  Why is it suddenly DISRESPECTFUL TO KNEEL?

STANDING could be considered disrespectful by some in some instances.  It isn't the POSITION OF THE BODY WHICH DISPLAYS RESPECT, IT IS THE POSITION OF THE HEART!!!

Many African-Americans and whites as well feel that there has been far too much disrespect shown for the LIVES of black Americans..are we going back to the days when there were nooses displayed? Back to the days when Rosa Parks had to resist sitting in the BACK OF THE BUS!

There are people inside this Country (and outside this Country) trying to DIVIDE US!  I ACTUALLY BELIEVE WE ALL SHOULD BE TAKING A KNEE RIGHT NOW!  A knee to pray for UNITY! A knee to pray for all those who are suffering from the effects of TWO horrible hurricanes.  A knee to pray for Mexico City and a horrific earthquake and its aftermath.  A knee to pray for PUERTO RICO who has suffered irreparable damage from not ONE but TWO hurricanes.  No one has ever seen the kind of devastation which Puerto Rico is suffering from right now.  The people are THIRSTING, HUNGRY, DYING FROM LACK OF MEDICATION AND MEDICAL CARE!  And then we have someone saying "they just want us to do everything for them?" Really
Puerto Rico and her AMERICAN Citizens NEED US TO DO EVERYTHING!  They are an island who has been cut off from communication, power, radar, food, water and medical care...Their infrastructure has been decimated.  They NEED all the help we can give!

WE NEED TO TAKE A KNEE AND PRAY THAT THE DIVISION IN THIS COUNTRY IS HEALED.  I love the Flag and the Anthem as much as ANYONE.  But it isn't about the Flag and the Anthem people, it IS ABOUT WHAT THEY STAND FOR~~  FREEDOM, freedom of religion, freedom to protest, freedom of the Press, freedom to stand up for what is RIGHT, GOOD and Honest,  AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!  It IS ABOUT THE AMERICAN DREAM!  It is about working TOGETHER to forge a Country so strong that NO THREAT can divide or conquer us!

A Land where we can all be proud of.  Stand up against divisive language.  Stand up for the rights of others.  BELIEVE AGAIN   

Sunday, September 10, 2017

America In Crisis

Good Sunday Morning! As we watch the SECOND major hurricane hit our Country in less than a month, I am struck watching Americans face these crises with hope and courage. We are NOT Republicans or Democrats facing this horror, we are AMERICANS! We MUST once and for all put away the issues and individuals who would choose to DIVIDE us and come TOGETHER to build an AMERICA FOR ALL! One America built on the foundations laid out by our Forefathers. One America where EVERY child has an opportunity for education and success! One America where NO CHILD goes hungry. Whether white, black or brown, whether Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or agnostic we must WORK TOGETHER for the common good of ALL or find ourselves divided and dying like so many civilizations before us. It is TIME to STOP the name calling and hateful rhetoric and find a MORAL COMPASS for the good of America and all mankind!