Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sister, Sister You Better Read That Sign!!!

This is the front of McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin, Florida.  It is one of my husband's favorite places to eat when we are on Okaloosa Island.  It is just six short miles from our front door and I must say it does have a lot to offer.

The food at McQuire's ranges from typical Pub Food, to delicious Tuna, Fish & Chips, Smoked Prime Rib and Ribs...all delicious.  They have extraordinary sandwiches. Everything from a huge fabulous Reuben to something called a Garbage Burger (and believe me that is where it belongs!) which has everything  but the kitchen sink between it's buns!  The regular (although I don't know you could call any of their burgers regular) are juicy, delicious and huge!  There are numerous choices.  Whatever you do DO NOT ever order a liverwurst sandwich there!
This TOWERING sandwich has six slices of half inch thick liverwurst, sandwiched between about that many THICK slices of sweet onions and bread!  OMG There was enough on that sandwich to make SIX sandwiches.  They have a micro brewery there and for beer lovers that seems to be quite an attraction.  They also have a huge gift shop with everything Irish you can think of from beautiful Rosaries to T shirts galore!

One of the most interesting things is the dollar bills (signed by visitors) hung positively all over the entire inside of the building!  There are over $500,000 worth hanging from the ceiling, walls and just positively everywhere in the building. Yep, all that green hanging from the ceiling isn't lettuce or's money!  The tradition started quite some time ago, and people are still hanging up dollar bills to this day!

I share all this information to say that we went, once again, to McGuire's Wednesday before we took Jackie, Kevin's baby sister, to the airport to return to Pittsburgh.  We have had an excellent visit and Kevin wanted to share this favorite place with her.  It isn't my favorite place because no matter what you order, the portion is HUGE!!!  Jackie ordered the Reuben and Kevin one of the Burgers (they actually ended up cutting them in half and each had a half of the others' meal), while I ordered an appetizer of Steamed Mussels.  We all had a bowl of their famous bean soup which sells for 18 Cents with any other purchase you make.  Everything was delicious, as usual.

After our meal, Jackie needed to go to the restroom to wash her hands.  I tried to hint to her about the writing on the doors and suggested she read them carefully.  Apparently she didn't get the hint.  When she came back from the bathroom she was positively hysterical with laughter!  You see, McGuire's thought it would be funny to put the following on their bathroom doors:       "this is not the LADIES ROOM".  So if you haven't already guessed, Jackie had made her way into the Men's Room!  She was washing her hands when she heard the sound of a man urinating and it sounded REALLY CLOSE.  She thought to herself "gosh, that's loud!"  About that time the man appeared, looked at her and said, "hey, you are in the wrong restroom!"

OMG Jackie was mortified!  She hurriedly grabbed a wad of paper towels and dried her hands and exited as quickly as possible!  By the time she got to our table she could barely contain herself!  Of course Kevin knew as soon as he saw her what had happened. All I could do is shake my head and say, "Jackie, you should have known something was up when he kept telling you you had to check out the bathrooms before we left. Lordy, he's your brother and you know what a prankster he is!"

I'll bet Jackie will be a lot more careful before entering any restroom in the future.  

We made a quick trip to the gift shop before departing where I picked up a couple T shirts for the girls and a couple of Glass angels.  Jackie grabbed a cute little onesie for her grandbaby.  We had a good laugh and took Jackie to the airport.

Unfortunately, US Air decided to bump her to the 6 AM flight without notifying us!!!  So we went back home and to bed so that she could leave the next morning.  Fortunately everything worked out the next day and she is now safely home.  We hope she had a wonderful, fun filled vacation in our little paradise here and that she will come back again soon.

Hope you got a giggle from this post...

GOD BLESS - Peace, Love and Joy!!!

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