Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Buddy Has Allergies

I have always been aware that dogs can have many of the same health issues as humans. Therefore, it shouldn't have come as a surprise when my little Boston Terrier, Buddy, presented with severe allergy symptoms. His nose was runny, his eyes were runny and reddened, and other sensitive little parts of his body were red and swollen...sigh.

So, off to the Vet we go. Buddy as it turns out is allergic to GRASS! I don't know if it is just our particular grass, Tift Bermuda, or any and all grass. When he goes outside to go potty, Buddy usually just makes a quick trip around the yard and does his business and comes right back in. Two days ago, however, he decided to have a rollicking roll in the grass...and apparently that was the beginning of the problem.

After a cortisone shot, some antibiotics for the most irritated areas on his little body and some allergy cream, and a prescription for antihistamines, Buddy is feeling much better. Buddy, by the way, is the "PERFECT" dog. He is quiet. Buddy never barks and if he occasionally does, it sounds more like a cough than a bark. He doesn't whine to get out of his crate. He was crate trained in ONE night! So, if dealing with allergies is the only problem we have, we will deal with allergies.

Please remember that if you take the move to get an animal, make sure you give them the same care you would a family member. They deserve to have the best food, their annual shots, regular visits to the vet and all the love you can shower on them. In return, they will love you unconditionally and faithfully. It has been proven that having a pet can lower your blood pressure and generally cause you to have better health! Just make sure you have the time and resources to give them what they need too!

Additionally, you may want to consider pet insurance. Those vet bills can get a little steep if your pet develops a serious problem. There are also "credit cards" which can be used to pay for a large expense which will make it possible for you to spread the cost over a length of time. I actually have CARE CREDIT, and it is a card which has no interest if you pay the amount back within a six month period.

I have always had animals, and I have always enjoyed them. Just like people, they have their quirks and own personalities, so be careful to choose a dog that will match your family's needs! Enjoy!

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