Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2001 Things To Do Before You Die

I have a little book given to me by my dear friend Vicki a couple years ago. The title is "2001 Things To Do Before You Die."

A quote from the jacket reads: "All the things you always wanted to do but never took time to live out are written down in this handy checklist." Some of the things are simple tasks like play with Clay, or bake brownies. Others are a bit more challenging, like climbing Everest or jumping from an airplane.

I have had a wonderful time checking off the items I have already done, and lining up those things which I still want to do. I went horseback riding on the beach in Vieques....check another one off! I also have a Private Pilot's License...check!
See the Eiffel Tower...check!! It is also fun to look back occasionally and see some of those things I have completed. And by the way that terrified looking person with all the padding and protective gear is me. I did ice skate in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean...and it was great fun and I didn't break anything! Check!

I have even added some things to the checklist (there are spaces in the back of the book to add your own bucket list items).

What are your "Things". Do you want to fly in a hot air balloon, or jump from an airplane (NO I am not jumping from an airplane while I am still alive..think that one might kill me)! Even if it is something like making Baked Alaska, you need to write it down now and do it.

One thing I am sure of however, is that every one of us have a list of those things we have always wanted to do and never taken the time to complete them. I still want to learn how to ballroom dance. I tried taking my sweet hubby for dance lessons, but three lessons in he decided that sweating in the arms of another woman was not something he was willing to do. Oh well, if I am gonna do that one, it will have to be by myself.

Hubby and I completed another "bucket list" item when we rode in a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park last Christmas. It was absolutely beautiful in spite of the fact it was freezing cold.

So here is my challenge to you. Do it now. Start your own bucket list. If you need a little help, buy the book "2001 Things to Do Before You Die" by Dane is really a nice little book. Or, just buy your own little journal and begin your list. Come on now, I know every one of you have got things you want to do. Don't it it!

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