Monday, August 29, 2011

Confusion Reigns!

They tell you that you'll lose your mind when you grow older. What they don't tell you is that you won't miss it. Malcolm Cowley
Some days if you didn't laugh you just might cry! Today was one of those days.

I started off early heading for water aerobics. The pool was totally crammed this morning with little old ladies who had no intention of exercising, only chatting! Good grief, why don't they go somewhere and have a cup of tea and let us serious exercisers get with it. I left early...

I headed home where I found my new little 95-year-old roommate attempting to use the vacuum. Now, don't get me wrong, it's great she wants to be active, and if vacuuming turns her on terrific. Problem is, there are two vacuums here. On is for the hardwood floors and has rubber strips which make it work great on flooring. It doesn't, however want to move across the rugs! I have shown her the difference several times, but somehow it hasn't gotten through yet. Sigh. Redirected her to the flooring. Sigh...

Last week I went to the refrigerator to get the half and half out for my husband's coffee. It was frozen solid! Everything in the refrigerator was frozen solid. What, I thought? OMG. I suddenly realized what had happened when I read the temperature of the refrigerator on the door...30 degrees. Apparently my friend had tried to get ice/water, not sure which, and had managed to push the buttons which changed the temperature of the refrigerator....sigh...took two days to thaw out. Explained once again....same button for ice and water.

I went into my bedroom this morning and found the door to the porch was open. Asked my hubby if he had left it open for a reason. He had no idea why or when it was opened....

My sweet elderly friend also likes to do dishes. It makes her feel useful. Unfortunately there are a few problems with this area too. Number one is that I have shown her how to move the lever to hot water many times, but it just hasn't stuck. After watching it run for several minutes, I just walk over and move it to the left...sigh.

I have tried being the one to wash and let her dry the dishes. Then there is another problem. She puts things everywhere but in the right place. I am still trying to figure out where she put the Splenda bowl after we had breakfast this morning. I may just have to fix another one. LOL.

I took her to the grocery store with me one afternoon. While I was shopping I noticed she wandered away a little ways. I figured I would catch up with her fairly quickly. However, when I stopped to talk with a friend...she disappeared! I spent fifteen minutes looking for her before finally deciding to check out and come back in and find her! Then, as I am standing in the checkout line, there she is...looking so innocent, standing at the front door saying hello to people coming and going...sigh...I may yet need Valium!

I love my new little roommate to death, and wouldn't change anything, but it is a very humbling and revealing experience having her here with me. She is actually a fiesty 95 year old pistol. I am wondering what I would be like at the same age, and at the same time hoping my children don't have to find out!

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