Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doctor, Doctor!

I spent the better part of today getting "clearance" from my internist so that I may have eye surgery in September. After my blood work, exam and discussion with my doctor, Laurie Tharpe, M.D., who is the greatest, I had to go get a chest x.ray.

It seems to me that with all the computer information sharing and everything, that when you go to the SAME hospital you have been going to for fifteen years, they should have most of your medical information. I had to go over and over the same information I have given them every year for the past fifteen years. I certainly can understand then asking if you have any information to update, but I hate starting over every time I visit the same hospital. I sometimes wonder if it isn't a way to justify giving someone a job.

I got into a discussion while I was waiting, and waiting and waiting for the simple chest x-ray. Some were talking about how they order their medications from Canada and questioning why they are cheaper there than here. Good question. Right now, we are paying more because the pharma companies can get away with it. I hate too many laws just as much as anyone, but it seems like without some kind of regulation, these companies get more and more out of control with costs. Excuses like "it pays for research" just don't cut it anymore. Why aren't the Canadians "paying for research".

I also read an article in TIME magazine while I was waiting, showing where this country rates regarding health care. We ARE NOT number one any more! Why not?

These questions need to be answered by the Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies, but sadly, without regulation....that will never happen. Let me know how YOU feel about these issues.

Simple Recipe For The Day

Want a great sandwich for your guests? Try this one from my Deli days!

1 Baguette, sliced into 1/2 inches pieces
2 Sliced boiled eggs (did you know you can buy boiled eggs at the grocery store?)
4 Slices cooked bacon (try pre-cooked and save yourself some time)
Smoked Turkey Slices
Leaf Lettuce
Sliced Tomatoes
Sliced Swiss Cheese

Spread three slices of baguette with mayo (use can use butter if you prefer)
On Bottom slice place tomatoes, lettuce and a slice of smoked turkey
Place second slice of baguette atop first
On top of second slice, place sliced boiled egg, and bacon.
Place third slice of baguette on top..and place a piece of swiss cheese atop all

Broil on high just long enough to bubble up the swiss cheese.

And you have the "French Club"..believe me, your family and friends will absolutely love these little delights.

Happy eating!

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