Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day Of School

It is August in Georgia and all the children are moaning about going back to school, and most of the parents can hardly wait for the first day! There are a few parents who have a little one just starting school for the first time who will feel some sadness as their child moves out into the world for the very first time on their own. One school even said they have a “Boo Hoo” room for the parents, not the children.

Some of the children will be afraid and suffer a little “separation anxiety” as Mommy leaves them for the first time. Some will be so excited to go, especially if they have a big sister or brother who already attends school. Some just can’t wait to ride the big yellow bus that stops in front of their house.

One teacher shared a story and said that she had a little boy who cried every single day for the first two months, before finally settling down. When his sister was assigned to her class a couple years later, the teacher was worried she might not be able to stand another two months straight of tears and boo hooing. Fortunately, the sister fit right in and never shed the first tear.

Another teacher related a story about how her own son was introduced to his very first teacher. She handed him his little batch of papers listing what he needed. He promptly handed them back to her and said, “I don’t need your old papers!” The Mommy/Teacher was mortified. You just never know what those little ones might say.

Parents have been scouring the shelves of Department and Discount stores for the last month trying to prepare for the return to school. It is easy to spend quite a bit of money on clothes your child will like and will last more than one wearing. Personally, I think it would be easier if all schools, public and private alike wore uniforms. No more fighting about what to wear in the morning.

My 95-year-old friend shared with me that when she was a child, she and her cousin picked cotton one year to earn $2.00 to buy crepe soled shoes to wear the first day of school. It was tough work, but they both managed to pick enough to earn their shoes. They do confess to having sprayed it with a little water though to make it weigh more (they were paid by the weight of the cotton they picked). Kids haven’t changed much have they?

So Moms and Dads, give them a hug and a kiss and lots of encouragement as they go off to school this year. Before you know it they will be headed for College. The time does go ever so quickly.

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