Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving On!

Sometimes I think we spend too much time looking backward at all the times we have been hurt or offended. It is time to move on!
Turning the page on all that has been hurtful or non-productive, we need to Move On into the future.

Tea Party, Coffee Party, Republican Party, Democratic Party, why can't we just be Americans and work together toward a better future for ALL? No, I don't mean socialism. I just feel like if everyone would take their eyes off their own personal needs and wants and look forward to the betterment of mankind, our Country and our world, we might actually make some progress.

We definitely don't want to make the same mistakes over and over again, but regurgitating old hurts and hatreds doesn't accomplish anything either.

When I moved into the Deep South ten years ago, I was totally unaware of the prejudices that still existed on BOTH sides of the fence. In some areas it is almost like the Civil War never ended! I can understand why people on both sides feel offended and injured, but isn't it time to let go of the pain and injury and Move On?

As we watch the continual terrorism in the Middle East, and realize that it has been going on for thousands of years, isn't it time for them to let go and Move On? Nothing has been accomplished, no progress made and hatred and pain and death have persisted and ruled that area longer than anywhere in the world.

We are all born selfish little babies, but we are supposed to grow into a maturity that opens our eyes to the world around us and teaches us to live in peace, and work together to create a better world for our progeny.

The recent disgusting show in the Congress and Senate shows us that we need to change. We need to Move On and learn to "make nice". We need to work together to make progress and not create stalemates. Is it really all about money, or power? Is it about egos and who can get elected? Are any of those "serving" as real public servants, or are they actually only pursuing their own personal agendas? It is time we found out. It is time we Moved On!

Let us finally stop the vitriolic spew that has become so commonplace in our Country and our World. Kindness and generosity of spirit cost nothing!

I want your input! I want to find out what the REAL people in this Country want our future to look like. I think there is power in numbers, and I think the number of people who are sick and tired of the status quo is huge! Let's prove it. Let's start an honest, sincere, generous and kind dialogue and pass it on ...I believe that this Country became great on the backs of the average working man and woman. I believe that the American Dream doesn't have to die! I believe that "love conquers all". Let's prove it! Share your ideas with me and I will share them with others. It is like the child who gets a penny the first day for his allowance and it doubles to two which doubles to four which....well you know how that old story goes.

Let us quit looking back, and look forward. In your personal lives, don't look back and regurgitate all the hurts and offenses of the past, but Move On. Forgive and forget and make progress. The same needs to be true in politics, quit the blame game and Move On. It doesn't really matter whose fault it is that we are in this mess. All that matters is that we CHOOSE to Move On and make progress in becoming and remaining the best that we can be.

Let me hear from you!

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