Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Sunday Morning!

Good Sunday Morning. I am awakened this morning by a message from my nine-year-old granddaughter on my cell phone. It is a picture message of her little sister in her "dinosaur wings". We purchased these wings while visiting the Orlando Science Center last year. The child saw the wings and wouldn't even look at anything else after that. It is a year later and here she is...still running around in those crazy green wings.

Then, I get up and head for the kitchen to get my FAGE Greek Yogurt for breakfast. I open the lid only to find it is FROZEN solid! What the?? Further investigation shows everything in the refrigerator is frozen. You see, I have one of those refrigerators with the water/ice on the door. It also has buttons for setting the temperature in the freezer and refrigerator. I am confused. How did the button get pushed? Uh it comes to me. You see, I have a new 95-year-old roommate who doesn't do very well with these new fangled things. Apparently she has just pushed the wrong buttons and set the fridge to FREEZE~oh my. So it will just be coffee for me this morning until after church!

Well, I am off now to Church and another good message from Father Kavanaugh. Hope my stomach doesn't growl so loud it drowns him out!

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