Saturday, August 27, 2011

Need A Lift?

The really great man is the man who makes every man feel greatG.K.Chesterson

I read a book some years ago called Balcony People. I can't tell you how much help this little book was to me at a time when I felt like the whole world was crushing in on me.

Here is a very brief synopsis of what "Balcony People" is about.

Basement people are people who constantly pull you down or discourage you. Basement people in our grieving process can and do cause us much hurt and distraction. Basement people are the people who do not wish to hear about your difficulty, they do not want to talk about your hurt or actively help you go through the grief process. Basement people are also people who say ugly or uneducated things about your loss such as “Aren’t you over that by now?” Basement people criticize your bereavement or question every method you chose in dealing with your loss. Basement people make everything about them and their feelings; disregarding your feelings. Basement people can cause a lot of hurt (often, unintended) to you during your difficult times.

Balcony people are the people who pull you forward and along the road of grief or sorrow. Balcony people come beside you and cry with you, spend time listening to you talk of your loss and tell you stories they remember, too. Balcony people encourage you to seek ways to heal and process your loss. They understand that the way you chose to deal with the death or other loss may not be their way but it is what is good for you. Balcony people understand when you do not want them around but stand by just in case you change your mind. Balcony people cook or clean for you because you just do not have the energy or they do not comment when the house is a little (or a lot) messier than it used to be. Balcony people understand that you will never be the “old” you and help you to find the “new” you who will emerge through the grief and loss you have sustained.

Regardless of what your grief or loss may involve, death...divorce...loss of a job...loss of a home.."Balcony People" can help you through your tough times by teaching you to identify the balcony people and shy away from the basement people. Balcony People can even help you when you are struggling through the challenges of everyday life, and there seem to be those around who are dragging you down rather than lifting you up. We all need Balcony People in our lives!

So, if you are dealing with a time of loss or grief, or you know someone who is, try out the book "Balcony People."


Here is a happy little recipe to put some zip in your life without putting pounds on your hips!

Banana Dream

1 Pint fat free sour cream
1 small box fat free/sugar free vanilla pudding (can use cheesecake flavor too)
8 ounce can crushed pineapple in own juice (drained)
2 sliced bananas
8 ounces fat free cool whip

Combine sour cream, pudding mix and pineaple. Pour into 8 x 8 pan. Slice bananas over mixture (if you are not a fan of bananas, you can use cherries, blueberries or other fruit)
Spread Cool Whip over fruit, and chill.

Serve when cold....makes 6 servings (only 3 WW points each) and it tastes like cheese cake!

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