Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Nothing lasts as long or is as important as the bonds we form as siblings.

Some parents realize this fact and do everything they can to foster these relationships and make them grow. Do you have sisters, brothers? Do you have special memories with them? Oh sure, there were times when they drove you totally crazy..they still may sometimes. But, really now, what are the fondest memories in your life and who were you with.

I was thinking the other day about my sister Dale and how we learned to roller skate at at outdoor rink at a Maryland beach. It was a great rink, right on the river, and they played music to skate by. The particular day I remember was one where we were both brand new to skating, and spent more time with our butts on the floor than our skates. There was a very chubby lady sitting on one of the benches that day as we struggled to stay on our feet. Every time we fell she would laugh hysterically, her whole body shaking like jello, and we would push ourselves up off the floor and try again. I am not sure who had more fun that day...the chubby lady or us. I know we had more bruises for sure!

So, today, when I heard about the earthquake in Maryland/Virginia, where my sister still lives I called immediately to find out if she was all right. She was, and there was no damage to their home. She was concerned about her husband coming home on the Metro tonight because of the possibility of structural damage to the tracks though. I promised to pray he would be fine...and we will talk again later.

Two years ago I took my granddaughter Ashlyn, then 7, to Washington and we stayed with my sister and her husband for a few days as I showed her Washington. We had such fun together and it made me regret that we live so many miles away.

My children are spread out in age, with the older two being in their 40's and the younger two in their 30's. Because of the spread in age, it has been harder for them to maintain a close sibling relationship. The older two are fairly close and the younger two are, but getting the olders and the youngers together is sometimes problematic. Oh, they all love one another, they just don't have a lot in common.

We are a little geographically scattered these days with two in Florida, one in North Florida and one in South Florida, and the other two close to me here in Georgia. It has been several years since we have all been together at one time.

Encourage your children to enjoy their siblings. I have seen some parents who actually drive wedges between their children as they are growing up and keep them from becoming close. I am not sure why any parent would do this, but it is very destructive. Love your children, love them for their differences and their successes and love them through their failures and disappointments. And, never never forget to teach them to love each other...because those relationships will last long after you are gone.

God Bless!

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