Thursday, September 1, 2011

Electronics on Strike!

Why is it when one of your treasured electronic devices goes kaput, another is soon to follow? Wonder if they communicate with each other?

My iPhone, which I absolutely can not live without any more, has been acting up. It will not charge. It works as long as I have it plugged into some source of power and for a short time unplugged. Geesh. You just don't realize how dependent you are on one of these things until you don't have them working correctly.

It isn't the first time I have experienced iPhone angst however. Last Summer I drowned TWO...yes two of them. The first time I had tucked it into the top of my bathing suit while loading the car to take the children to the beach...We got there and unloaded and then Liv called me to the edge of the water. I sat down on the edge with her as she pointed out little fish. I mean, who could resist that darling little face encouraging you to enter the water with her? Not me. We kept sliding further and further into deeper water. Then, with a sick feeling in my stomach, I remembered I wanted to call my hubby to tell him where we were if he wanted to join us after work. Then and only then did I remember where my phone was...soaking in saltwater!

Okay, had to replace that hope after twenty minutes in salt water. Later than Summer, I made a quick stop at the grocery store on my way to water aerobics. Just as I was getting out of the car to go into the store, someone called with a question for me. I finished the call and unconsciously tucked the phone...augghhh you know where, into the bathing suit. I grabbed the few groceries I needed and hurried so I would not be late getting into aerobics.

I didn't think about my phone until after I returned home and took off my bathing suit...and there it was! An hour in the hope for that one either.

Okay, so now I decided not to put it in my bathing suit anymore. Enough of that. So I put it in my pants pocket. Have you ever noticed how shallow the pockets are in women's slacks? I went to the bathroom, and when I pulled up my pants the phone fell ... and of course it couldn't land on the floor...nooooooo into the toilet!!!
Good grief...I snatched it up, rinsed it off and began to blow it dry with the hair dryer. Then I got a big zip loc bag and filled it with uncooked rice and placed the phone in it and just prayed it would work.

I am happy to report that I was able to save telephone number three! Whew! Back to the dilemma of where to put the darned thing?!?

That has been quite some time ago, and now the battery has decided to go bad in the last phone. I am not due for an upgrade yet, and I really hate to buy another one, so I called my son this morning and asked if it was possible to replace the battery in an iPhone. No go. Sigh......

Good news is, however, if I can nurse it along for another month or so, he will send me his iPhone 4 as he wants an iPhone 5 when they come out...okay I can do this. Just don't get far away from a charger!

Last night the computer printer, an HP which we have had for quite some time also decided to just give up the ghost! Good grief. So phone call to son again. Which printer will be compatible with my MacBook Air and hubby's Toshiba PC and not cost me an arm and a leg. Answer .... another HP.... wireless. Good to have a son who is an electronics whiz. So, hubby went shopping on line and found one priced at $179...and went to Best Buy and they price matched it.

So, we are temporarily back in business on the printer, and I will limp along with the phone until my son sends his to me. I sure hope the printer and the iPhone don't decide to conspire with any more of our electronics any time soon!



With all those lovely and fresh Fall apples coming in, try this delicious dip..your kids will love it.

1/4 cup brow sugar
1 package (8 ounces) reduced-fat cream cheese
Juice of 1 lemon ... or orange .... or lime
Sliced Apples

In a medium bowl, combine brown sugar and cream cheese, mixing with a fork until well combined. Add juice and stir until smooth. Serve with apple slices.

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