Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Love Fresh Market and Mannheim Steamroller

I made a quick pass through The Fresh Market in Macon today. I just love that place. Oh yeah, sometimes it can be a little pricey, but it all depends on what you want.

If you want the highest quality organic fruits and vegetables south of Atlanta, hit the Fresh Market on Vineville Ave. Today I bought fresh, crispy radish, broccoli, celery, strawberries and peaches....I came home and made a lovely platter with a yogurt dipping sauce.

Later I will have some fresh strawberries. Fresh Market also sells fine meats, seafood and Deli items. They stock gourmet items in the canned, frozen and dairy areas. They also have some fabulous desserts. My 95 year old friend and my husband love the sweets (which I must avoid if I want to continue on the 17 Day Diet), so today I purchased them four Red Velvet Cupcakes...
Aren't they lovely? And taste?!? die for.

I also decided to make some Weight Watchers Style Vegetable Soup for myself tonight in an effort to avoid eating those lovely cupcakes! I am still doing well on the 17 Day Diet, but had an "off" day yesterday. My stress level exceeded my ability to cope and I fell off the wagon. That doesn't mean the diet is over, just a blip on the horizon and back at it. I have lost 48 pounds and I really want to lose another twenty or so...I can do this!

I have learned to fill in most of the time when I am stressed by doing other things than eating. Listening to great music is one way I find very satisfying. Mannheim Steamroller has just come out with a new Album for Christmas..and we are downloading it today. I find their music exciting one minute and calming the is uplifting and pleasing to the ear. If you haven't listened to at least one Mannheim Steamroller "Fresh Aire" album, you need to check it out. The artistry is amazing.

I am also "visualizing" our upcoming trip to Okaloosa Island in November. The calming and incredible beauty I have seen there brings peace to my spirit.

Last night was a rough one for me as a caregiver, as I was up every two hours all night. Aaaauuuggh. I haven't had a chance for a nap today as Lucy had a hair appointment, we picked up lunch, then off to the eye doctors and fitting for new glasses. After that a quick stop at Kohl's and then to Precision Collision to get the estimate on my auto repair. I still can't believe I was the victim of a "hit and run" at McDonalds on Zebulon Road in Macon. I sure hope they catch that lunatic!

We arrived home this afternoon just in time to avoid the stormy weather. I was told there was some pretty severe hail scattered around out there this evening. After unloading the car, made veggie soup, vegetable platter, fixed dinner for Lucy and now, finally have time to sit down a minute! Whew! What happened to the day?

Tomorrow won't be much better. Physical Therapist arrives at 9 AM, Funeral to attend at 11 AM and Lucy's Orthopedist appointment at 12:15. It will be another quick one.

We are going to the Georgia National Fair sometime this weekend to walk around and visit with my hubby, Kevin, who is demonstrating wood carving both Saturday and Sunday again this year. is his web site if you would like to check out his work. It is really nice!

Well, I really haven't had time to think about a great recipe today, so look me up tomorrow, and I promise I will have something special for you!

God Bless

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