Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

If you have had or are having the pleasure of being around small children, you know they are totally uninhibited in what they say and to whom. If there is an obese person around, they are as likely as not to point it out and ask why?! They just don't hold anything back.

I remember one of my little cousins asking my Grandmother, "why have you got so many cracks in your face?" Another time when one of the children was particularly hungry and was asked to say grace...we got "Grace" and not another word!

The little one above was switching down the hall of the hotel when we were at the beach and I told her she was switching her butt. She turned around and looked indignantly at me and said, "I am NO smoochiebutt!"...she's still stuck with that little moniker.

I point all this out to say just one simple thing. Remember those precious times. The time passes so quickly and they grow up so fast. Soon they will have the pressures of the teen years and high school and college. Adulthood arrives all too soon, and we forget the simple joys of living.

Today is a gorgeous Fall day here in Central Georgia. I think Lucille and I will head for the Georgia National Fairgrounds this afternoon, and dine on large, greasy onion rings. We will watch the children ride the rides on the Midway and scream and giggle with delight and remember fondly our own childhoods and that of the children we loved.

Kevin will be there all weekend demonstrating chip carving and power carving in one of the large buildings. is his web page...he has done, and is still doing some lovely things. I think he is carving Santa's for a friend of ours today.

So, find your "inner child" and take off for the fair and share a funnel cake or onion rings or one of those giant Turkey Legs! Look at the animals and watch the children...enjoy!

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