Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!

While thousands of others were out shopping on this "Black Friday", this was the view I was enjoying.  We took the girls and went to Harbor Walk where they had their faces painted, met with Santa Claus and just enjoyed a gorgeous Florida afternoon.

We will be going home tomorrow after breakfast, and once again a piece of my heart will remain in this blissful paradise.  The people here seem to have a different kind of lifestyle.  It is much more laid back and peaceful.  It must have something to do with the salt air!

The wildlife here is beautiful and the Gulf has a different mood every day.  Santa Claus bought me an early Christmas present today.  It is an incredible hand blown glass pendant which contains a tiny jellyfish within a solid droplet of blue glass.  It is made by a woman vet who calls herself "Dr. Meow."  Dr. Meow does beautiful hand formed Murano glass jewelry which is based on the beautiful wildlife and gulf.  It is absolutely fantastic!

Kevin and Aaron watched the LSU/Arkansas game at Poppy's while us girls did the Santa/face painting thing.  We all had such a wonderful time today ... our last day here at the Gulf Coast.

We came home and put together our low country boil consisting of stone crab claws, shrimp, tiny potatoes, andouille sausage and was great!  We had pieces of six different flavors of Tortuga Rum Cakes which Charles had sent me we are all fat and happy!

Tomorrow we will be going to Big City American Bistro for their Brunch before we leave town.  Their weekend buffets are out of this world.  They have a patio which is pet friendly, so if the weather is nice Buddy will be able to enjoy the time too.  He has been the best little dog alive on this whole trip.  Honestly, he is as close to perfect as any dog could be.  Quiet, he never barks or whines, crate and house trained and never chews on anything...just a sweet, loving little puppy.

I will probably shed some tears as we leave here tomorrow.  It is my hope that at some time in the not to distant future this will be my permanent feels like home already.  So for now, I the Okaloosa Girl will head back to Middle Georgia and my responsibilities there, but my heart will remain in Okaloosa!

I am so Thankful for the time we have shared here as a family.  This will be our yearly Thanksgiving trip from now on.

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