Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Children and Puppies!

This is what Christmas is about...the children.  Sharing Christ, sharing Joy and making Memories!  We went to see the Nutcracker last night at the Opera House. It was beautiful.  Liv, who is five was just ecstatic about the dancers and costumes!  She had a running commentary going.  It wasn't Ashlyn's first time, but she really enjoyed it too! We had such a nice time, but the girls were so tired by the time it was over (9:42 PM).  I was glad to see the Opera House filled to capacity last night.  It is such a lovely, old historic building and everyone seemed to be having such a wonderful time.  Last night was the first performance and it was absolutely wonderful.

This is the REAL Buddy dressed as Santa!  I am not sure whether he will forgive me for this one!  But, the little jacket is actually quite warm, and he doesn't like to be cold!  He is such a sweet little guy that he let me put this on and he didn't try to take it off.  I just love this puppy.  He makes life just a little more joyful.

I did a little more Christmas shopping today.  I was looking for a specific thing which Liv had requested. They are called Fidgits. I found the Newbie Fidgits, but I didn't find the original larger one...everyone is sold out.  Seems this is one of the hottest toys out there this Christmas.  It normally sells for $39, but people are actually e-baying them for $70...Oh My!  Seems like every year there is at least one of those kind of things.  Remember the Tickle Me Elmo thing? And I remember when that happened with Cabbage Patch Dolls!  Like I said, every year it seems like there is at least one of these items.

Wish I were smart enough to come up with the next big toy craze.  I don't know what the economy is like where you are , but things here must be getting better, because EVERYONE is out there shopping and not just looking, but buying.  It is kind of nice to see.  It really seems like people are hoping for an upswing in the economy and they are trying to help it along!

Well, I am taking Lucille tonight to the annual Christmas Program at Ingleside.  I have heard the music is fabulous and I am really looking forward to it.  I hope she will stay alert enough to enjoy it, but I never can be sure how things will go with her these days.  She does seem to be enjoying all the Christmas lights and decorations.

Well, no recipe today, but I have some great cookie recipes coming up this week.  Talk to you later! Merry Christmas!

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