Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Calculated Risks

I have always been a risk taker of sorts.  Not one of those who jumps out of airplanes or off the sides of mountains.  But I do have a private pilot's license and have sailed the Abaco's for weeks at a time with a friend on a 37 ft catamaran.  I have also never been afraid to try something new, career wise or craft wise or just for fun.

If you never try something, if you always quit before actually trying, how will you know if you can succeed or not?  I don't take foolish risks.  I do take calculated ones however.

I am getting ready to do just that once again.  I have dreamed for quite some time now about living out my retirement years looking at that beautiful scene you see here.  It is at Okaloosa Island, Florida.  I am heading there this weekend to look at condos for investment/retirement purposes.  I have explored thoroughly the available condos and their values.  I have also done my research on renting, management companies and investment reserves.  So, like I said, although I am about to take on a bit of a risk, it is a calculated one.

I am going forward with this risk taking adventure to fulfill another of my bucket list items.  I want to live on the gulf/ocean and paint.  I want to sew and craft and do all those wonderful creative things that just don't come as easily to me here in Macon as they do when I am breathing that salty sweet air of Okaloosa.  I am investing my retirement money in this risk.  I am hoping that with a little luck and some good business management, I will have this condo completely paid for in five years.

Oh, there are risks in any real estate investment, but there are risks in any investment nowadays.  After reviewing many other options, I feel strongly that this is a good risk.  I know the return won't make me a millionaire or anything, but it will provide me with a place to spend my retirement years.  A place where I can watch the dolphins play in the emerald green water, the pelicans float past my window on the updrafts and the weather play upon the ever changing waters of the Gulf.  I intend for the next five years to rent the condo during the peak Summer and Snow Bird seasons, and enjoy it myself whenever it please in between.  The rental income should, with any luck at all, not only pay the payments on the condo, but should also allow me to have it completely paid for by the time we retire.  Then we can both do our crafting and art work beside the Gulf.

Have you taken any risks lately?  Have you ever?  Isn't it about time?  C'mon now, don't be afraid to step out there and take a chance or two.  It could be the most rewarding thing you have ever done! 

I'll send you pictures of my new place when we get settled....I can't wait to embark on this new and exciting adventure.

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