Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Plains and Peanuts!

This lovely street is the "downtown" historic area of Plains, Georgia.  Yesterday, on our way home from Florida, we decided to stop off in Plains for some lunch.

We had a nice lunch at the Buffalo Cafe, which used to be a Bank!  We had sandwiches which were delicious, before heading down the street to Plain Peanuts!  This is a quaint little store which specializes in all things peanut.  The draw for me is their absolutely fabulous peanut ice cream.  When you come in the front door they hand you a free little cup of peanuts, which are fantastic dumped over the peanut soft serve ice cream sold at the back of the store.  It was so delicious.

We spoke with a local woman who told us President Carter had spoken to the children at the High School that morning of President's Day.  How appropriate, and how President Carter.  I believe he is the most service-oriented President we ever had.  He and Roselyn have been wonderful supporters and workers for Habitat for Humanity and they serve in their own community in many ways.  President Carter still teaches Sunday School in the local church.

The Little Community of Plains is proud of "their" President, and well they should be.  We enjoyed looking through some of the historic information, and shopping in the little antique mall there. It is only a short drive from Macon, or you can drive to Cordele and take the SAM'S Shortline all the way to Plains and back.  It is a fun trip.

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