Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Poop and Politicians

Lovely picture isn't it?  Used to be that looking at this building inspired and awed the people in this Country.  Not so much any more.

The view of this building conjures up negative feelings about what is going on inside those hallowed halls today.  Politicians actually used to be "public servants."  When is the last time you felt like your politican was actually serving you?  It has been a long time. 

I think it is just plain poop that politicians have set it up so that even if they only get elected to ONE term they get LIFETIME benefits, salary and insurance.  Most of us work 30 years or more and are lucky if we have half the benefits we earned after we retire.  We are told to "save" for our retirement.  If you are only making enough money to meet your bills, send your kids to school/college and pay for insurance, then exactly how are you supposed to save?  More and more families in this Country are slipping into poverty each and every day.  More and more families are becoming homeless and children are hungry.  Children are hungry in a land of so much abundance!  This is definitely POOP!

I really don't know if it is possible to force any kind of change in this Country.  I am afraid we may have gone too long and too far to take back our Country and the values upon which it was founded.  We used to care for our fellow citizens. Events in history such as "barn raising" and helping your neighbors harvest their crops have gone by the wayside.  I have heard people make such vitriolic comments about others less fortunate than themselves, that it is heart wrenching.

As we watch the greed and avarice taking place among the so-called "leaders" of our Country, what can we expect from the followers of those leaders but more of the same.  It is time to wake up and put the good of the Nation above the wants of the few.  No, that isn't socialism.  Every man should work, and provide for his/her own family.  But the current inequalities in salary and focus on celebrity whether movies, sports or television versus people putting in long hours, or putting their lives in danger to defend our Country must change. 

I am tired of the bickering, the pork belly programs and the Congress and Senate lining their own pockets at the expense of the Middle Class.  If we don't stand up and take back our Country soon, it will be too late....

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