Sunday, March 25, 2012

Milestone Moments

That iPhone to the right is actually a creative Birthday Cake!  Neat huh?

We are celebrating a milestone moment later today with my grandson Eric's 16th birthday!  By the way, he got an iPhone!  And next month he will be driving.  It seems like just yesterday he was the tiny baby laying against my chest sleeping as I rocked and sang.  Wow!

I won't forget the day he was born, or the day we moved to Georgia to be closer to him.  I also won't forget today, when we will celebrate his sixteenth birthday.  In just two very short years he will be off to college and on to "grown up" life. 

I am not really sure why sixteen has always been such a milestone moment in a child's life.  It used to be for girls that we had "Sweet Sixteen" and never been kissed birthday parties.  I have my doubts that girls today reach sixteen without having been kissed!  I do remember my own sixteenth birthday party.  I also remember that I did get my first kiss just a few weeks before that happened.  I had a skating party at the local skating rink and my entire class from school was invited.  It was a really special night for me, as I had always been kind of a wallflower.  Not only did my whole class show up to celebrate with me, but my future husband gave me a beautiful heart shaped gold locket.  I was on cloud nine.  Definitely a milestone moment!

I understand a lot of girls still have those Sweet Sixteen birthday parties.  Good for them.  I hope their memories of that day are still as vivid as mine are some 49 years later!  I hope for each of them many, many milestone moments - Graduation Day from High School, the first day at College, Graduation from College, Marriage, the births of their children.  And then the cycle will begin again and the milestone moments will be watching their children experience these same things.

Treasure these "Milestone Moments."  They slip by entirely too quickly.  Retirement and moving to the Gulf is the next moment I am looking forward to.  There I will craft, paint and just enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Green Gulf as I watch the Milestone Moments in the lives of my children and grandchildren.  All treasures of the heart.

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