Friday, April 20, 2012

A Sin And A Shame

There are problems with the educational system all over the United States right now.  It begins in Preschool and goes all the way through graduate school  In a country with so much wealth there is absolutely no excuse for the problems we seeing occurring here.  We are rapidly falling behind other developed countries in the world when it comes to properly educating our future citizens.
We can not fill the high tech jobs available in this country right now because we don't have the people with the proper educational skills to take the jobs.  How ridiculous is that?

Right now, in the county I live in there are horrendous problems in the public school system.  The local School Board hired a new gentleman to come in and try to solve some of the serious problems here.  All he has done is spend huge amounts of money on travel and a proposed plan which will require ALL students beginning in pre-K to learn Mandarin Chinese!  These kids aren't even learning how to properly construct English sentences or spell and now we want to introduce Chinese?  Not only that Mandarin Chinese won't be usable as there are so many different dialects in China that unless you knew the individual dialect you still wouldn't be able to communicate.

Now, the same gentleman, is taking off to go to Belgium on the taxpayers dollar along with two other people to talk about his "Macon Miracle" plan, which hasn't even been implemented yet!  This all seems incredible to me. 

College tuition has gotten so out of control that many people can't even dream of going, and if they do, they will end up in so much debt that they will be forty years old paying it off.  One of the local colleges near me has just spend thousands and thousands of dollars putting in cobblestone walkways and fancy fountains and extremely expensive fencing, etc.  What's up with that?  I would rather see them reduce the tuition and so would most other people.  Where have the priorities gone?  Has the whole country gone mad?

We need technical schools and colleges in this country to education our children now.  We need to find a way for ANY child who wants to go to school, and is willing to put forth the effort, to be able to attend at minimal or NO cost.  This is our future.  We need to stop outsourcing our jobs, and concentrate on growing our economy and it begins by educating our future generations of children.

We can no longer sit back and watch as the educational system in the United States falls farther and farther behind the rest of the world.  Speak up now, and let your Congressmen, School Boards, Senators, Governors, and anyone else who will listen that this must change, and change now!  Teachers need to be rewarded for good work.  Children need to have the equipment they need to learn and advance toward the future.  The system needs to change, or this Country will continue to fall farther and father behind in educating future generations. 

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