Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Reclining Budda of Bangkok

 After leaving the Grand Palace, our guide directed us to yet one more Budda.  The Reclining Budda was created to celebrate King Rama III's restoration (1824-1851).
At 150 ft (46 m) long and 49 ft (15 m) high it is the largest Buddha image in Thailand. The reclining Buddha is decorated with gold leaf and his eyes and foot soles are inlaid with mother-of-pearl.  As with most of the Temples, there is an area of worship outside as well as worship stations within the Temple.  Ringing the large gong three times is supposed to bring one good ring we did!
 Walking into the Temple you are immediately overwhelmed with the enormous size of this gold leaf covered Budda.  The inside of the Temple, once again, is very ornate with gold leaf, mother of pearl and colorful paintings everywhere. 

The Budda is so very large that it is virtually impossible to get a picture of the whole thing from inside the Temple.  The Temple is literally filled with this huge Budda and it's worship stations where locals stop to pray and pay tribute. 

The Budda's head is reclining on three large elaborately decorated "pillows."

Wat Pho is considered the largest and oldest Temple in Bangkok and is said to have more statues of the Buddha than any other Bangkok temple.
 This was the view from the head toward the feet of the Budda...long way huh?
 One of the many worship stations adorned with live flowers on each side.
 And this is the view from near the feet to the head.  As you can see, the building is literally filled with the Budda.
 There is a line of small metal pots along the side of the building on the back side of the Budda where tiny (very tiny denomination too) coins are placed one at a time for each of the Monks.  The Monks go out each morning with similar pots to gather offerings of food from the locals for their meals for the day.  The Monks are very dependent on the people for their sustenance.  Thai people praying at Wat Pho.    

Note the gold leaf being applied piece by piece to the figures at the station. When you purchase your incense, candle and lotus blossom you are also given several pieces of gold leaf to apply to the figures as you depart the station. 
See the bottoms of his feet...Mother of pearl...amazing inlay..
 It was time for lunch and we decided to bid a fond goodbye to the last Temple we would visit in Bangkok.  There were many more adventures to come and the heat had tired us.  We headed for the river next to refuel and refresh!

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