Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Living the High Life!

I have never lived anywhere located more than 200 ft above sea level until now.

I had thought it might be a difficult adjustment, thinner air and all that, but so far so good!  I was reminded by a local last night that baking will be a new experience.  She told me she has to "tweak" her cookie recipes every year at Christmas...this high altitude cooking wreaks havoc on ordinary recipes!

So far, other than the fact that the lack of humidity has me slightly dehydrated and dried out, everything is marvelous! 

Ogden is a town which is like a throwback to the 50's and 60's in some ways, but so progressive and modern in others.  Transportation in Utah is way ahead of the curve!  Ogden is extremely family friendly and health conscious.  All the trails and areas for recreation are beautiful and very accessible.  As it turns out we are only 30 minutes from some of the best ski locations in the West.  This area sure has a lot to offer.

Last evening we did more exploring.  Since we are going to be permanent residents here in Ogden, we began home hunting.  It turned out to be an easy experience!  We found a gorgeous, new Townhome development within walking distance of the downtown area which I love so much!  They are so lovely and modern (even blue tooth equipped throughout with sound, etc.)  and have spectacular views of the mountains!  I would never have dreamed that I would end up in the West living in the mountains, but this is an amazing and peaceful place.  We are excited about our future here.  Our new Townhome won't be completed for a year, so we will have to locate a temporary rental until it is completed. 

One problem I have run into here in Ogden, is that Pet Friendly apartments are few and far between!  Now, don't get me wrong there are some, but most say "service animals only."  I am ready to have my little Buddy declared an "ESA" - that is, an Emotional Support Animal at this point because as such he would be welcome anywhere!  Crazy!  I do need him for emotional support, but how crazy is it?  Still looking right now, but like I said, I am about to become desperate.

Yesterday I had a crazy experience.  I was taking Buddy for our normal morning walk, and decided I would Jog instead.  MISTAKE!  Note to self - don't jog with Buddy!  I was running along and all of a sudden Buddy decided to make a sharp turn in front of me.  Buddy is a "small" dog, but he is heavy and sturdy as the dickens.  I caught the toe of my sneakers on his body and "BOOM" down I went.  Felt like a two-year-old as I hit the sidewalk flat and hard.  As I hit, the leash came loose from my hand and I panicked because of our close proximity to the highway...but, as I hit the concrete, I also Yelled STOP!  Buddy doesn't always listen, but this time he did, and I was able to grab the lease and pull him to me.  All of this happened so quickly, that I didn't have time to realize whether I was actually hurt or not before I was standing again!  Both knees and hands were throbbing, but I dusted myself off and continued my walk.  I didn't hear anything creaking or snapping, so decided at least nothing appeared to be broken.  I took some Advil, put some ice on my knees and tried to ignore the incident the rest of the day.

I am happy to report that I am not nearly as beat up and sore this morning as I thought I might be.  I must be a tough old lady after all!  My left shoulder does seem to be a bit sore (probably from bracing for the fall) and my knees are slightly bruised, but I can hardly believe the lack of evidence of injury considering how hard I hit that concrete sidewalk!
Again, no more jogging with Buddy....walking only!

The weather here has been in the 100's during the day, so I have been avoiding being out during the hottest part of the day. It is amazing though that the lack of humidity makes it seem much cooler than it actually is.  Everyone here is very helpful about warning you of the dangers of heat stroke here.  Because of the lack of humidity it is extremely easy to get overheated and dehydrated without really knowing it.  I have been drinking copious amounts of water to make up for the loss.

So, as I accommodate to living the "high life" here in Utah, I will post about our adventures and experiences.  Right now, I am still pinching myself to make sure it is real! 


Linda - the Okaloosa Girl from Ogden, Utah!

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