Friday, July 26, 2013

Rodeo Roundup!

From the time we entered the nearly empty stadium and located our seats in the stands (which by the way were PERFECT...gotta remember that for next year North Grandstand, Section E), we found ourselves feeling like a part of the American West I didn't know still existed.
 The view of the Wasatch mountains surrounding us, and the beautiful blue skies above added to the beauty and mystery and excitement we were about to witness.

The program began with a "Pre-Rodeo" show which included "Mutton Bustin."  This was a hysterical display presented by kids from 4-8 climbing aboard LARGE sheep and attempting to ride them across the stadium. One little fellow actually managed to hang on all the way across (become a part of the sheep had to be his motto!) and others got thrown, dumped and rolled on by the most cantankerous sheep I have ever seen!  I was positively hysterical.  We laughed til we cried!  Livie said she wants to do it next year....hmmmm, we will have to see about that!

 Four parachutists from Skydive Ogden came sailing down out of the crystal blue sky bearing flags, the last of which was the American Flag.  We all stood as patriotic music was playing and the Flag arrived center stadium.  It was very moving and only the first of some really touching moments to occur that evening.
 After the Flag was safely folded and delivered, the "Rodeo Girls" rode around the outside of the arena bearing the flags of all the sponsors of this year's Rodeo.  It was quite a parade of sponsors, and showed again how the community supports these events in Ogden. 
 Ashlyn and Alivia can't wait to start riding out here "Western Style."  The horses were beautiful and the riders very proficient!

After the girls left the stadium, there were two "riderless" horses led across the arena in memory of two local men who had been major supporters of the Ogden Rodeo and Pioneer was a very touching display.
 Then, on the Jumbo Screen at the end of the Arena, the narrative by Paul Harvey's 1978 "So God Made a Farmer" speech was played.  I had forgotten how moving that piece really was.  Geessshhh another tearful, emotional moment. 

Wow, this Rodeo was definitely getting to me!
But I have to admit, there isn't a more appropriate setting for this than the beautiful Wasatch Front where the valley is full of Dairy Farms and other Farmers, surrounded by some of the most beautiful yet wild country I have ever seen.  
 By this time the stands have filled up and everyone is ready for the Bareback riding, Saddle Bronco riding, Bull Riding, Steer wrestling and roping and just all around great fun of the American Rodeo.

Wow, it was amazing to watch the cowboys do their stuff and we had a terrific time.  There were vendors outside the arena selling their wares, as well as hawkers inside with everything from Beer to Cotton Candy and Kettle Corn (oops, I can't resist that darn Kettle Corn). 

We all had our fill of goodies and excitement before the Motocross Show and Fireworks which followed the Rodeo itself.   

All in all it was an exciting, moving and totally American Patriotic Experience, and I can hardly wait until next year.

From the Parade in the morning, to the Fireworks at night I was proud not just of being an American, but also of being a Utahn!  Go Utah!  Thanks for letting us be a part of this great part of the USA!



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