Sunday, December 8, 2013

Frozen Furr Baby!

Okay, do I look depressed?  Well it could be because there is this Cold, White stuff outside that is up to my belly!  I can't find my favorite bush to pee on, or any grass at all to take care of my other business!

Today when I stepped off the sidewalk my semi-bare belly was greeted with this white, fluffy, icy stuff that burned my bare skin! YOW!  What happened to the sun anyway?  I haven't seen it for three days now and the temperature hasn't been above freezing for days?

My Mom bought me this red sweatshirt which does help to keep the snow off my back, but what about my little ears? That powdery stuff even blows up my nose!  And then there are the shoes!  Oh my gosh...I've never worn shoes before!  She says these are boots.  What are boots?  Well, for one thing they are TIGHT!  She has to strap them around my ankles so tight it nearly cuts off my circulation, because if she doesn't that danged white stuff pulls them off and there I am with my skinny, nearly hairless legs and feet freezing to death. 

This morning I found that I couldn't even POOP!  Every time I went to squat down, my but was buried in snow! Now how can you poop when snow is covering your butt hole!?!?

I told Mom all about this, and she is gonna get a broom to sweep me a spot, but REALLY...really, how long is this gonna last? I think it may be a long time before Spring, and even though I'm not crazy about flying, I'm thinkin it might be time to boogie outta here before I smother in that fluffy white stuff!

These are my royal blue boots with the reflective tape...reflective tape for what? I'm sure not going out to play at night, it's cold enough in the day!

This is Dad...he doesn't seem to mind the snow stuff.  Of course it isn't up to HIS butt yet! We will see how he feels about it when it is!  The way it has been snowing, I think that may be any time now!

No kids on the playground yesterday.  Wonder why that is?  Maybe it's actually to cold for them too!

Everyone seems really excited about a "White Christmas" but I'm not really feeling it right now!

Actually, as a little bare bellied Boston Terrier, I'm praying for an early Spring!


You can find me right here cuddled down in the blankets until they make me go outside again! 

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