Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Magic of Christmas Snow!

 There is something amazing and wonderful about Christmas snow.  Some even call it "magic."  It sure looks that way on the Mountains at Snowbasin today!  Everyone here has been anxiously awaiting our first real "dump" of snow for the season...and today it finally arrived!

There is nothing quite like the black and white world of a truly snowy day on the mountain.  The skiers are thrilled and the children are making snowmen and having snowball fights.  It really brings home the feeling of Christmas!

It is funny how it all turns into a black and white wonderland during the day when the snow is falling on the mountain, but then, at night when the Christmas lights are on, and AMAZING thing happens.  The snow reflects the beauty of all the colored lights and makes it seem like a magical fairyland!

Ogden does a wonderful job of decorating for the Season.  They create a beautiful little village of tiny houses covering an entire city block in the center of town.  It is amazing.  Every single tree is covered with lights in every color.

Such a beautiful, festive sight.

It has been a tumultuous year for us here in Utah and we are finally settled in our new home.  We love it here.  We love the snow and the excitement of the changing seasons.  We hope that every one of you have a special magical season, whether you are in the sunny south, or in an area where you will have a White Christmas.  Although the snow right now is mainly in the mountains, we are anticipating a large snowfall on Christmas Day!  How magical!  Can't wait.



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