Thursday, September 3, 2015

A World Full of Labels

How would you "label" the photo on the right?  Peaceful, Serene, Gorgeous, ocean beauty, inviting? BY THE WAY THE PHOTO IS BY THE WONDERFUL, TALENTED, AMAZING ALAN HOELZLE!  I am totally enamored with his beautiful gulf/ocean can find him on Facebook!

Well we live in a world today just full of "labels," not all of them so pleasant.

Gay, Straight, Homosexual, Heterosexual, Metrosexual, Retard, Liberal, Conservative and on and on and infinitum.

We need to STOP!  Stop labeling people and start being real. We need to stop looking at what we see as differences or failings in others and closely examine ourselves.  What ever happened to caring about our neighbors?  What ever happened to "respect?"  Respect for authority whether it is the policeman on the corner or the President of the United States.  It seems that with each and every passing day the world becomes a more negative place to live.

How can we expect things to improve when we are constantly attaching labels to everything?  Labels seem to connote something negative.  Political Correctness has become the byword of the day, and yet we become more and more "incorrect" all the time.

I want to go back to a time when we thought before we spoke.  I want to go back to a time when "love thy neighbor as thyself" actually was practiced.  I want to go back to a time when we are not completely and irrevocably DIVIDED by political affiliation.  It is a downright shame that if someone shows a little compassion toward someone else in difficult circumstances, they are immediately labeled a "liberal."  It is a shame that instead of trying to improve our own behavior, education and lives in general we are focused on heaping criticism on anyone who doesn't believe the same things we do!  What is up with that?  If everyone were alike it would be a very boring world.

Differences are what made this country great.  I am a Christ follower, but I don't "condemn" other who are not.  I have met many people from many other countries and cultures who are just as kind, loving and spiritual as I, not all of them are Christ followers, but it is not my job to judge them.  There is only ONE judge no matter which religion you believe in, or doctrine you follow.

Let's get rid of the labels.  I want my friend to be my friend...not my liberal or conservative friend.  I want my neighbor to be my neighbor and let's stop encouraging the division in our Country and work toward a more UNIFIED attempt at making this Country better for all.  Actually we are ALL immigrants here, and we are all blessed with the right to worship or believe whatever we want.  Let's let LOVE bind us together and stop letting POLITICS drive us apart!


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