Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life In A Bubble

It isn't possible, realistic or even responsible, but sometimes I wish I could live life in a "bubble."

In my bubble there wouldn't be any CNN, or FOX or any other news channel.  There wouldn't be a "right" or a "left", a "liberal" or a "conservative" in the bubble.  The bubble would have lots of positive expressions, great weather and no negativity!  The bubble would have lots of happy children respecting their parents, getting good grades in school and being "kids."

I know, there is no bubble, but that doesn't mean I can not wish for one.  The world has become ever so negative since the expansion of "social media."  I know that isn't the only problem, but the anonymity of talking "trash" to others who you don't have to see face to face, has definitely exacerbated the problem.  I am constantly shocked by the way people talk to one another on Facebook and other social sites.  I am also shocked by the mass disrespect of persons in authority; whether it be the President of the United States, or the local Police.  The recent assassinations of law enforcement officers has sickened me, and made me wonder just how much worse it can get.

One summer in 1984 I spent six weeks sailing the Bahamas on a 37 foot catamaran with a friend.  There was no TV, no regular radio (just weather warnings) and no newspaper.  It was an amazing time.  Living off the fish we caught and/or bought from locals and the groceries we brought along or bought at small islands was refreshing.  Cooking out on deck.  Not having refrigeration.  Catching a lot of our own food.  Wow!  I was ready to go home and sell my home and move aboard.  It was amazing.

I have gotten more and more likely to watch exclusively the Hallmark Channels, because of their G rated programming.  I am more and more careful what books I buy and movies I see.  I grew up in a small town in Maryland in a time where there was no social media, only a couple news channels, and neighbors actually talked to each other!  If you had laundry on the line and it began to rain, a neighbor would take your clothes in for you...because you didn't have to lock the doors.  You didn't hear about 15 murders, robberies and home invasions every time you turned on the TV.  The TV was actually about "entertainment."  There were shows which made you laugh and cry.  There was Ed Sullivan, Howdy Doody and Captain Kangaroo.

Two years ago, we moved to Ogden, Utah.  I must say it is much more like living in the sixties than where we moved from. There is a definite "small town" feel here.  People speak to one another on the street.  In the summer there are Monday movies shown in the local outdoor amphitheater.  There is a Saturday Farmer's Market in the downtown park.  Oh, there is some crime, but much less than most other places I have lived.  I am praying that doesn't change.

I can't actually live in a "bubble," but I can turn off the TV, read books, or when I listen to the TV choose not to watch those things which sew negativity and hate in my spirit.  Maybe we all need to watch a little less.  Oh, I know there are some who will say that you need to be "educated" to vote, but I don't believe that what the media is feeding us these days is actually "educating" us on what the politicians actually believe.  There is so much division and hate speak that no one really seems to be listening to what is actually important anymore.  I want to see politicians put their thoughts down in writing.  I want to stop the hate speak and negativity and have people share open, civil communication again.

Do you think it's possible? Or, have we gone so far over the edge that there is no turning back?
I certainly hope not.


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