Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!!

This winter was so cold that I promised myself no matter how hot the Summer got, I would not complain about it! It is getting pretty hard to stick to that! We are terribly hot here in Georgia, but at least we are somewhat used to it. I feel really sorry for those who live in areas where it doesn't get this hot and NOW they are having to deal with it. We have air conditioning here, but many people in the Northern tier of states do not. We all better start praying for a break in this weather soon. The River Birch in my front yard is positively screaming from lack of water and extreme heat. We finally turned the hose on drip and put it at the base of the tree today. Hopefully, that will help revive the poor thing. I was fortunate enough to have spent about four weeks at the beach this Summer. I loved the cool tradewinds which cooled our patio. I am really missing them right now. You see, I don't just like the beach...I absolutely LOVE the ocean and anything to do with it! Just breathing the salt air makes me feel like a new person. I am still not quite sure how a water baby like me got stuck in Macon, Georgia. There is a muddy river running through it, but the operative word is MUDDY! There is also a lovely lake about ten miles away, but somehow it just can't take the place of that SALT AIR! Guess I will just have to look back at the pictures, sit in the air conditioned house (thank God!) and dream of that lovely Okaloosa Island where I feel most at home. I will go back again....soon!
For the rest of you, THINK COOL....drink lots of ice water and pray for October!

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