Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Joy

I have really enjoyed watching the Olympic Games this year.  I have actually watched a lot of contests I had never considered watching before, perhaps because I have had the time!

One of the contests I have been watching is water polo.  My gosh, what a physical event that is!  It's like a combination of swimming and karate!  Gosh those people really have to be in great shape!

The swimming events have really been great for the Americans, haven't they?  Wow!  It is wonderful to watch all these great athletes work so hard to win Gold for their Country.  But I find it amazing when I think about how much TIME and DEDICATION is involved in getting to this point in their competitive events.  I can't even begin to imagine how much time and effort these people put in.

I wonder sometimes what drives an individual to strive so hard to be first!  I have people laugh and cry with joy and cry when defeated.  For some, their countries will treat them royally if they are winners, but terribly if they lose.  What pressure!

I am thankful that those who win from the USA will be heroes in the eyes of our Country.  They have worked hard for their success and deserve recognition.  It is definitely fun to watch and cheer them on from my armchair!

I know one thing though, it has made me want to get up off my duff and get busy working out.  I have a trip to Thailand coming up in December, and I want to ride an elephant, and take a trip on a mountain bike.  I am sixty-five, but I am determined!  Hey, root me on will ya?!?

God Bless - Love, Peace and JOY!

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