Saturday, August 13, 2011

Surviving Preschool

Liv started "big school" Preschool at the school her older sister attends this week. There are twenty-two four-year-old children in her class. Kudos to a teacher, and one para-pro who are willing to take on this monumental task.

The reason I say it is a monumental task is because I have taught 2-4 year old children before. My group was much smaller, only 13 most of the time, and I only had them for two hours one day a week. I can't even begin to imagine five days a week for eight hours. I was exhausted every time I left there.

The first day at Liv's preschool was quite an adventure. One child began screaming as soon as her parents left the room. She was inconsolable. They tried sending her to one of the office for comfort, but there was not comforting this child. Finally, the parents were called back and sat with her in the classroom until she calmed down. After a period of time, the parents slipped out the door and out of the building. For a few moments everything was fine. But, suddenly the child realized the parents were gone. She jumped up and ran from the classroom screaming all the way. One of the parents, who was assisting that day, stayed in the classroom while the teacher and para-pro went running after the child. Fortunately, they caught up with her before she could get out of the building. They returned to the classroom with the screaming child. There was no consoling her, so they contacted one of the special teachers and had her take the child out of the room to try and calm her. She did eventually calm down, but I haven't heard how she has made out yet.

Another little boy, was so nervous and quiet that the teacher and others were worried about whether he was okay. In a little while the poor little one threw up! No one was sure whether he was sick or just nervous at first. But, later after eating some lunch, he threw up again, and was sent to the nurse, and then home. Poor baby, and poor teacher...two down, twenty still hanging in there.

One little fellow had been sent to school with pants which were too large in the waist. He didn't have a belt and kept having to hold them up when he walked around. The really big problem occurred when he had to go to lunch. He had to carry his own tray to the table, and that meant he couldn't hold up his pants. Well, you guessed it, as he walked along with his tray his pants fell to his ankles. There he stood, mortified, in his little boy superman underwear...poor baby. The para-pro and teacher were so tickled that they nearly dropped their own trays trying not to laugh. Finally, they walked over and pulled up his pants and took his tray as he held them up.

What a first day! I know they will have many an adventure and laugh over the school year, and those little people will learn so much. Their experienced and gentle teacher will guide them along, and they will start Kindergarden next year much more prepared and ready to face each day.

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