Friday, August 26, 2011

Today I Want To Be a Hairless Cat!

It felt a little warm when I woke up this morning. I went in to check the thermostat, and although it was set at 70, the temperature was 80 degrees and rising. Uh Oh....and it is supposed to be 97 here today.

First call was to the AC man..."we will be out some time today, but we have a LOT of calls." That didn't sound like we were gonna get cooled off any time soon.

The picture above is of my son Charles, and "Fluffy" the hairless cat! Today, I am wishing I were Fluffy! Wearing clothes in this heat is realllllly uncomfortable.

Fortunately we are only at about 85 in the house right now...and it is 3 PM. I a hoping we hear from the AC man soon, and that the unit is actually fixable. This has been a long, hot hot hot, summer here in Georgia, and we have a ways to go yet before the cooler temperatures arrive.

I know I am really spoiled though. I grew up in Southern Maryland, and NEVER had air conditioning until I got married and moved to an apartment in Washington, D. C.
What at luxury that first summer felt like.

Previously, I had only ever experienced a very loud window fan pulling the air across my bedroom at night, and we didn't run it during the day. For my sister, it was even worse, as she had allergies, and all that dang fan did was drag in all the dust and pollen in the neighborhood.

Sometimes when people talk about the "good old days" I wonder if they ever remember those long, hot sweaty nights when because of the heat and humidity sleep was an elusive luxury.

I always feel sorry for "Fluffy" when the weather is a little chilly, but that doesn't happen often in Ft. Lauderdale where he lives. Today, Fluffy would be quite comfortable in my 85 degree house...unfortunately, I am not!

Trying to think cool thoughts...more ice water please!

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