Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering and Appreciating

We were up at 4:30 AM today and at the Park by 5:30!
Mom, Dad and their little triathlete went to the "transition area" and set up the bicycle for the ride to come.

The temperature in Alpharetta this morning was only 53 degrees when the kids had to jump feet first into the pool for the first laps before they rode their bicycles. That took guts.

The kids were all amazing. From the littlest to the oldest, they swam, bicycled and ran to the finish line...they really were IRON KIDS! It was also fun to watch the parents, and grandparents (including me) RUN from one venue to another! Whew, we all got our exercise.

And none of us there, in spite of the excitement of the day, forgot the date and it's significance.

I stood and watched as the children and their parents and thought about how blessed we all were to be standing there alive today. It was painful to think about how many people are remembering ten years ago and grieving the loss of their loved ones. None of us will ever be the same after that day. As we drove out of Atlanta, I remembered driving through Atlanta the day after the attacks and there was not a plane in the sky! It was such an eerie thing, as when you drive up Interstate 75 through Atlanta the skies are usually lined up with planes waiting to land.

We all need to pray that nothing like that ever happens in this country again. We need to learn to love each other and become ONE NATION, keeping that feeling of being one Nation instead of a divided Nation in our hearts every day.

I shed tears today as I saw my little athlete mount her bicycle, and then again when she was running toward me as she ran for the Finish Line...
I have had a close brush with death on three occasions, and yet I am still here. I have been blessed with healthy children and grandchildren. I get so much joy from watching them grow up and become caring, loving and intelligent beings. I am especially thankful today..."but for the grace of God" I or one of my family members could have been on one of those planes or in one of those buildings. Thank God if you can hug your family members today. Don't ever leave the house without telling them how much you love them. Give love and praise frequently. Share Joy!

Congratulations Miss Ashlyn on your wonderful performance today. We were all so very proud of you as usual. You are a special girl, and you did your best today.
Fantastic Job! Go-Girl-Go!

After the run....think she might be tired?

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  1. Our approach may be a bit different, but our wishes merge at the hope for our nation. I enjoyed your post, it was one of the more sensible today. So many others are using the events of ten years ago to further their agenda. Bless you Linda, I am very glad I have had the opportunity to get to know you and Kevin both. You are good people. And I am very proud to call you both friends. Love to you both!!