Thursday, September 22, 2011

To See or Not To See

Sorry I have been out of pocket for over a week now! The flowers are quite beautiful, aren't they?

I am happy that I can actually see them. You see, I had eye surgery on September 13th, and things have been a blur to say the least. My eye surgeon repaired a peri-retinal membrane by peeling the layers of membrane directly off the retina. I also had a couple of tears in the retina.

I am happy to report that everything is improving and that I can actually see much better than last week. This past week has made me appreciate my vision more than ever. So, please, take good care of your eyes. Get regular check-ups and follow the doctor's orders.

I had another procedure today to repair a small tear in the retina which was not seen at the time of the initial surgery. This time I was wide awake. At first the pain of the laser striking the retina wasn't too bad, but as the physician got close to a nerve ending, the pain was intense. Sure hope I don't have to have any more of that!

The same day I had my initial surgery, my 95-year-old friend who moved in with me a couple months ago, fell and broke her hip. I had a "bubble" in my right eye which had to remain unbroken until it resolved, and I was forbidden to read or do any type of close work.

Lucy K had surgery to repair the break, and I spent a solid week sleeping on the couch in her room, applying my eye drops, and helping in any way I could. It was so frustrating to be unable to assist more actively in her care.

Lucy has now been moved to rehab, and is doing quite well physically. I am, however, terribly worried about her mental status. She has had lots of confusion since the surgery. I am hoping that it is just the stress of the surgery, anesthesia and medications. She should be in rehab about two to three weeks. At 95 years old, Lucy has had a wonderful life and I hope she will recover sufficiently to have more productive and fun years.

Life is certainly filled with surprises, and we really don't know what each new day will bring. Enjoy each day to the fullest, appreciate all of your senses, and take care of yourself.

I will be back tomorrow with some fun Fall's good to be able to read again!

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