Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Winning, Losing and Moving On

The little guy in the picture ALWAYS makes me smile. Thank God for bringing him into my life. Days like today need a little Buddy to keep me smiling.

Day started out great at Ingleside Baptist...fabulous music this morning including a marvelous violin was so soothing and peaceful. The service was uplifting and I left there in such a good mood.

It didn't last long however, as when I arrived at Rehab, Lucille was in a "down in the dumps and criticize everyone" mood. Whew! Yesterday she was fine and anxious to go home and today she was just grumpy! I stayed for two hours while she complained about just everything. I kept reminding myself she is 95 and just broke her hip, so I was able to be kind. But, when I left I was emotionally exhausted.

I went home and just wanted to rest a while before going to the CGSA soccer game at 5:30, however, things didn't go well at home either. I'll keep that story to myself, but it was rather ugly. I took my little Buddy and left home for a quieter location.

At 5:30 I joined my son and his family at the soccer fields. The boys had a rough game yesterday as I discussed in yesterdays post. Two of our boys are now out with with a broken tail bone and the other with a severe muscle bruise...all because the officials allowed an extremely rough game. In total, SIX boys were injured yesterday. So, I was hoping today would be different. It was a little better, but not much! There were several more injuries today, again because of sorry officiating. When someone commits a physical foul, they need to be stopped. Our boys ended up losing by 1 point, in part because several of them were playing injured and beaten up from yesterdays game. It is very disheartening to watch this kind of problem. The officials are supposed to be there to "protect" the boys from injury and this just isn't happening. Our boys have been taught not to play like thugs, but unfortunately not all the league teams teach that kind of sportsmanship. Disappointing and sad. The boys were upset about losing to a team that really is not as skilled as theirs. They took quite a beating. My grandson said "nothing hurts like losing"...but I told him just to continue working hard, and next time they will win. They are winners not whiners!

The weather was incredibly beautiful today, and I did enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. I am going to bed early tonight and pray for a better day tomorrow. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything that has happened in the last two months, and I need to take some time to myself to re-focus and move on.

I think I will head back to the pool at Cantrell tomorrow to work up some endorphins, that usually helps me to regain perspective. You and I must learn to take time to re-focus and do something that helps us to get back on track. We all tend to get wound up and frequently forget to take the time to take care of ourselves.


20 Deep Breaths with your eyes closed
Visualize the most beautiful place you have ever been and imagine yourself there.
Make a plan to do some aerobic exercise.
Eat right and stay away from sodas, sweets and excesses of any kind.
Thank God for the many blessings in your life, and turn the page on whatever
difficulties you have had today...tomorrow is fresh, new and waiting.
Pet a dog or cat and enjoy the love they give you.

Goodnight dear blogger friends...and God Bless

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