Friday, August 8, 2014

It's A Matter of Modesty

Nature in all forms is a beautiful thing, whether it is a beautiful sunset, the ocean beating against the shore or the majestic mountains towering above the land.

Recently there seems to be a huge problem surrounding the "natural" choice of breast feeding.  I am a huge advocate for breast feeding, and while it is a wonderful thing, not every woman chooses or can choose to breast feed.

The problem which seems to be at the center of all the recent controversy however, revolves around not whether it is a good or natural thing, but more about modesty vs immodesty in breast feeding.

For some reason, many breast feeding moms today feel perfectly at ease exposing their breasts in public for all to see.  While breast feeding is a "natural" and wonderful thing, I personally feel that practicing a little modesty is also a wonderful thing.

I breast fed three of my four children, and never once did expose my breasts in public.  If it became necessary to feed one of the babies when I was away from home, I always had a receiving blanket or cloth diaper which I placed discretely over my shoulder, placing the baby beneath it and covering my chest/breast completely.  I don't see why this should be an issue.  I don't think the baby minded his or her little private world of nursing under the cloth.  The only way anyone could even tell I was feeding the baby, was an occasional slurp from a noisy baby!

Why is it that women suddenly feel the need to let it "all hang out" and openly expose themselves in public?  Yes, it is a beautiful and "natural" act but I don't feel it should be used as an excuse to expose one's breasts in public.  If nothing else, wouldn't it be considerate to think about the comfort of others who might be offended by seeing a woman's breast pulled out as she suckles her babe?

There are many "natural" acts which would be considered inappropriate or even obscene if performed in public, why is this any different.  In recent years decency has been compromised in the way women and men dress in public....thong bathing suits, etc.  Shouldn't this beautiful act be preserved as a "decent" and "natural" thing and not something to be flaunted to win an argument?

I think it is all about modesty.  Ladies, by all means breast feed those babies if possible, for as long as possible, but let's all practice some modesty!


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