Thursday, November 17, 2011

Four Days and Counting! Okaloosa Here We Come!

We are leaving for Okaloosa Island on Tuesday morning.  I don't know who is more excited, me or the grandkids!  We are making this an annual trip at Thanksgiving to my favorite place.  I feel like a different person every time I cross the bridge to the Island.
I am going to be adding Liv's handprints this year to our family Thanksgiving Tablecloth.  Every member of the family has added their handprints to this heirloom project.  Liv was too young when we first made it, and so there are her little footprints instead!  Too cute, and such a sweet memory.  The grandchildren are growing up entirely too fast and I want to hang on to all the precious memories I can.
All those little "turkeys" are the kids and grandkids handprints surrounded by colorful "leaves".  This is actually a fairly simple project, and such a treasure. 
Lucy is not going to be able to go with us this year after all, but I have made arrangements for someone to stay here with her, and have even ordered a Thanksgiving meal that will just have to be warmed and served.  I wish she were able to go, but with all the recent problems, it just isn't going to be possible.
I am satisfied and happy though that it doesn't seem to bother her, and she is pleased about the lady who is staying with her while we are gone.  That is quite a relief for me, as I have worried about this for quite some time now.
Now I can actually relax and look forward to the trip and the preparations for it.  We are going to do a Low Country Boil this year instead of the traditional turkey and fixings.  Somehow that seems to be so much more appropriate when we will be feasting while looking out over the emerald green waters of the Gulf, and the shrimp there is fantastic!

We will probably take the girls to see "Arthur Christmas" as it looks like a fun movie...and gives Granpa and me and excuse to see yet another "kids movie"!  We have such fun taking the girls.

I am hoping all of you have a great Holiday wherever you spend it and whomever you spent it with.  Make memories.  

Here is a wonderful and simple recipe we have every year instead of the usual "canned" cranberry sauce.  The adults and kids love it!


1 Naval Orange cut into small pieces
1 Bag fresh cranberries
1 Cup granulated sugar (you can actually use artificial sweetener and it is still great)
(Optional - 1/2 cup pecans)

Place Orange pieces, cranberries and sugar into blender or food processor and pulse until all are well mixed and coarsely chopped.  Add pecans and chop (or you may just add chopped pecans).

This keeps really well, and goes with pork as  well as chicken and turkey.


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