Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time To Find Your "Inner Child"

Wikipedia says this about "inner child"...Inner child is a concept used in popular psychology and Analytical psychology to denote the childlike aspect of a person's psyche, especially when viewed as an independent entity. Frequently, the term is used to address subjective childhood experiences and the remaining effects of one's childhood. The inner child also refers to all of the emotional memory and experiences stored in the brain from earliest memory.

Carl Jung referred to a similar concept as the "Divine Child". Emmet Fox called it the "Wonder Child".

Whether you think of the Inner Child as a "Wonder Child" or not may depend on the last time you were actually in touch with that childlike quality that still resides in all of matter how deeply we may have buried him or her.

I am a firm and fast believer in the inner child concept, and encourage each and every one of you to try and reach inside yourselves and reconnect with that child that you were growing up.

Do you remember the innocence of childhood?  Do you remember what it felt like to just "play" with abandon?   When is the last time that you did something just for the pure JOY of it?  I love going to "kid movies."  While I am watching these fantasies I return to the innocence of childhood and the joy of laughter and belief in the unbelievable. 

I have spent years cultivating this "inner child" who lets me laugh with my grandkids and play hide and seek with abandon with them.  I enjoy being around them and listening to their grand imaginations.  They tell wonderful stories and believe in the impossible.  If more of us would reconnect with that inner child, and believe it or not we ALL have one, I actually believe we could envision solving many problems, curing many diseases and improving the world just because we still BELIEVED it was possible!

One thing I hate to see is an adult who "spoils" or "squashes" the imagination and fantasy in the life of a child.  I remember one time in particular that my little son colored the sky purple, and his Day Care worker told him that he couldn't do that because the sky is blue not purple!  The sky was purple to him, and I have certainly seen purple skies, haven't you? 

I believe it is an important part of good mental health to get in touch with that inner child.  I believe that it helps to make us better, more grounded people.  Too many of us have become soured on life by becoming "adults" and forgetting to have fun.  We are cynical and judgmental and afraid to reach out to others.  We are often afraid to give too much of ourselves for fear of being hurt.  Children are not afraid to reach out and seek new friends and new adventures. 

So, start thinking about it today.  If you had a lot of hurt in your life, your inner child may be "wounded" and need a little healing, but it isn't too late.  It is never too late.  Look inside and find the joyful inner child and learn to play.  Look up and see "animals and designs" in the clouds above you.
Go to a Disney or Pixar movie and view it with your "childs eye."   Play.  Dance in the rain and build sandcastles by the ocean.  Dip your feet in the fountain.  Don't be afraid, just do it!

I think that part of my "bucket list" exists because I want to stay connected with that inner child, the one who loves to play, and draw and paint.  I want to laugh frequently and freely with my grandchildren.  I want to go back and read some of those books which I enjoyed as a child.  Don't be afraid....reach deep inside you and pull out that inner child today.   You won't be sorry you did!


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