Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well here I am in Ft Lauderdale this morning. Friday night my youngest called and told me to get on a plane and join him in Key West Saturday! Well I was able to get out of Atlanta at 7:10 and arrived in Key West at noon. We spent Saturday at Sunset Key and left for Ft Lauderdale Sunday afternoon. It was beautiful and peaceful and just what I needed after the extreme stress of the past few months!

I will be heading back to Georgia late this afternoon. As much as I love my little home, I dread going back today. Much as I had been warned would happen, the snakes have come out from under their rocks and will be waiting for me in Macon. Why is it that people who haven't even talked to someone in over twenty years and had treated that someone abo
Abominably forever come crawling out of the woodwork to see what they can "loot" from whatever the deceased left behind?

Fortunately my friend left VERY specific instructions and a clearly written will. Additionally she gave me a Durable Power of Attorney. These people who broke her heart during her lifetime will not benefit by her death. How very sad it was for my kind and generous friend that those whom she had consistently cared for and helped when they were in need treated her so cruelly when they no longer needed her. I will follow her wishes to the letter in spite of the fact these long lost relatives promise to make it difficult for me. She knew they would and warned me about it before her passing. I am glad that she now resides where they can no longer hurt her. I am glad she will not hear their cruel comments and see their evil actions. But I will miss her so.

This too shall pass, and I will not have to deal with them for long. I will post some beautiful pictures of Key West when I return home to my computer. I wil be meeting my dearest friend Trish on Friday and we will be boarding the beautiful Jewel of the Seas for five nights of rest and relaxation! I can handle anything after that!

Well God Bless for now and look for the pictures to come!

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