Wednesday, February 22, 2012

America The Beautiful

Sometimes as we get too wrapped up in all the politics and talking heads spouting off in the media...television, internet, radio, etc.  Driving home from the Gulf Coast, which in itself is captivating, we drove through miles and miles of beautiful farm country.

I love seeing those huge expanses of land, some freshly plowed, some covered with waving wheat nearly ready for harvest.  I love seeing the cattle in the hilly fields peacefully munching along and their tiny new calves following along behind.

We live in such a large and diverse Country which offers such great possibilities.  I don't think I even realized this fact until I had the opportunity to travel to Europe where you can easily drive from one Country to another in a matter of hours.  We have gorgeous oceans, gulfs, lakes, rivers and mountains.  We have trees and fish and wildlife of all sorts.  And, despite the  news, there are still opportunities out there for people.  Yep, times have been tough recently, but we have had tough times in this Country before, and have come out on top of it by working TOGETHER! 

We need to stop focusing on our DIFFERENCES and realize that if we all work together this Country and pull together and be willing to give something back rather than expect everyone to GIVE to us things will greatly improve.  I find it horrifying that there are HUNGRY children in Seminole County Florida for example.  There are so many people in that area who have been so richly blessed.  How can they look around and ignore those who are less fortunate?  Oh come on, I'm not talking socialism, but just common decency.  I am talking about what the Bible actually teaches - love. 

If you want to call yourself a Christian then you need to have a "Christ like" heart.  You need to be willing to look outside your own home and neighborhood and help others.  When my children were little I taught them to "share."  This is something that seems to be falling by the wayside. 

I grew up in a home with two sisters.  There were three bedrooms and ONE, yep ONE, bathroom.  We were taught to be thoughtful and share in everything.  We didn't push our way to the front of the line or "butt" in.  I am horrified now when I go shopping and see people pushing and shoving and actually knocking others down to be "first."  What is going on here?

We live in a beautiful, bountiful Country where there is plenty to go around.  There is beautiful scenery to enjoy.  There are lakes and rivers and seashores to play on.  Let's quit worrying about the small stuff and focus on what is really important.  Let's quit looking for the differences and find our common traits and needs.  We all need food, water and love and shelter.  Beyond that what difference does it make if a person is a Christian, Muslim, Buddist or Hindi? If we all share love with each other I think we will learn to understand what life is really supposed to be about.  Life is short, it is limited.  We are all born and we will all die.  All of us need love.  Look around and enjoy the world today.  Live today and don't dwell on what happened yesterday.  Share joy and not bitterness. 

God Bless....

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