Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prayer and Praise for a Hardworking American

I have really enjoyed having "Prayer Warrior" friends on Facebook.  Although many people use social networks for many different reasons, one of the best things I see happening is people asking for prayer for friends and family.  Then, I see the responses from those who are willing to pray.  I see answered prayers and miracles. 

In spite of some of the terribly negative things I have seen posted on FB, the positive side seems to be worth it.  People are re-connecting with childhood friends and school acquaintances they haven't talked to in 40 years!  Wow!  No other medium out there has made this available to individuals at virtually no cost.

People, please keep praying.  Pray for those you love, for those who hate you, for our government (and the mess it is in) and our President and his family.  Pray for miracles.  Pray for cures to cancer, lupus, AIDS and all the other scourges which steal people's health and well-being.  Then, remember to pray THANKS for all the many blessings which come your way each and every day.  Thanks for being able to see, to breathe, to walk.  To hear your children.  Don't forget to say THANKS.

Today while I was enjoying my Birthday Breakfast at our favorite local Denny's I was informed that our regular waitress had emergency surgery for a ruptured ulcer in her stomach.  She will be out of work for 6 weeks or more.  She has already been out a week.  There are no insurance benefits at Denny's.  She is the primary income in her household.  She is a sweet, hardworking woman, and I ask for your prayers for Sherry.  I asked one of her co-workers what I might get for her that she would need right now...then went to the store and picked it up.  I will deliver it tomorrow.  We asked if they could put out a "jar" for contributions to help her get back on her feet, but were told that Corporate wouldn't allow it.  How sad.  Sherry has a lot of loyal customers who would like to know what is going on and would be willing to give a hand.  I am going to e-mail Denny's Corporate today to state how unfair this is. 

One of my favorite shows of late has been UNDERCOVER BOSS, particularly because in so many instances these corporate bosses get a real eye-opening experience when they realize how many of their employees live and what benefits they don't have and how hard many of them work.  I would like to have Denny's "undercover boss" meet Sherry.  Wow! I know he would be pleased to see what a hard working, customer oriented gal she is. 

I am going to have an opportunity to SING my praise this Saturday at a Celebration of Life put on by Hospice Advantage in Macon.  It will be my opportunity to give something back again.  I will sing "Midnight Cry."  It is a song about when Jesus comes back to collect his "children."  It is a beautiful piece and I hope it will touch others in the way it does me every time I sing it.  I like "making a joyful noise."

I thank all of you who pray regularly...keep it up.  God DOES hear and answer...we don't always get the answer we want, but He does answer.

God Bless;  Peace, Love and Joy to All.

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