Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nibbles and Nickles

There is nothing quite like the language of a child.  Even those that have the most expansive vocabulary occasionally get a word backwards or scrambled up or just plain make up their own word for something.

When my youngest child was little he just could NOT say caterpillar.  We tried over and over, and to be honest with you I don't remember how old he was before he stopped saying cal a petter!  He is thirty now, and I'll bet I could still get him confused over that word!

It is almost a shame to correct those "cute" little endearing words that they spout on occasion.  My youngest granddaughter is now and forevermore labeled "smoochiebutt" because on a trip to Florida when I commented about her going down the hall in front of me with her switchy little butt, she turned around indignantly and said "I no smoochiebutt!."  Liv also insisted for quite some time that an elephant was an F-a-lent! 

The other day my daughter and I were talking about both of the girls and how they both came up with a word of their own for nipples.  Ashlyn was convinced they were "nickles" and now Liv calls them "nibbles."  I am not sure how they arrived at these names, but you have to admit both are more fun than the original!

I guess the words I have heard most frequently butchered have been spaghetti, bananas, umbrellas and ambulance.  All of those have multiple syllables and could easily be mis-heard by a young child.  But it is funny that even though you may correct the mis-spoken word many times, the child will frequently keep saying it the same way.  I think they are probably hearing the word correctly, and I think they might even be able to say it correctly if pushed, but I feel like because we frequently find these words cute and appealing, we really would rather not.  It is part of what makes you feel like they are still "little," and kids just seem to grow up altogether too fast these days anyway.

So, if you have a cute saying or word you would like to share that one of your children or grandchildren has shared with you, please feel free to comment and share it with all of can never have enough giggles! 

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