Friday, March 2, 2012

Social Media - Good or Bad?

I love sharing neat photos like this on Facebook and my blog.  This is a painting on a HUGE silo and it is truly beautiful and amazing.  I love posing recipes and sharing valuable information also.

However, my emotions have become very mixed lately about facebook.  Some people have decided to use it as the perfect place to spew all kinds of vitriol.  Oh, I don't mind people sharing their opinions, that is what free speech is all about. I am talking about positively viscious comments and attacks on individuals and groups.

We are seeing more and more evidence of hate dividing this Country right in half.  I am seriously considering disconnecting from FB because of some of the terribly negative and derogatory comments I see there on a daily basis.

I have really enjoyed connecting with some of my old high school acquaintances.  I have re-connected with a neighbor of mine whom I hadn't heard from in over forty years!  What fun we have had catching up.  I also found a cousin on FB and even one fellow I thought had been killed in Viet Nam.  That has been so much fun.

But, when I get on line and see people demonstrating open hostility, racism and hatred of another group whether it is illegal aliens, gays, African Americans, and even the President of the United States, I am disappointed at the state of our Country and the world as a whole.  I had hoped that by now we might actually live in a kinder, gentler world. I had hoped for a world where starving children in our own Country was reason for us to pull together and put an end to it.  I had hoped that ALL Americans regardless of their income or "status" would be able to access affordable healthcare.  I had hoped that those who have an abundance could look at the homeless and say, "but for the Grace of God, there go I." 

Instead, I am witnessing daily comments about how heterosexuals should hate gays, how it's just their own fault if people are jobless and that there are jobs out there if you just look.  Baloney!  Yes, in some areas of the Country there may be a few more jobs available than in other parts.  But, I think it is pretty indicative of how bad things are when thousands of people show up vying for only 10 or 15 jobs.  Many people say, "Well, I would NEVER take food stamps."  Let me tell you right now people, if your children were going to bed hungry every night you WOULD be thankful for the food stamp program and any other assistance from food banks, etc. that might be available to you.

Never say never.  If you are blessed with a job and good health and a roof over your are blessed. Not everyone is so fortunate.  I hope you never have to watch your child die because you can not afford the proper insurance to pay for health care/surgery/chemo. 

I am a retired Registered Nurse, and I became a Nurse to give something back to the world.  We have become a selfish, greedy Nation and people.  We no longer care about the child next door.  I'm not talking about the children in Asia or Africa, but the children in our own cities and counties.  I found out recently that there are 300 homeless children in Monroe County Georgia's School System alone.  This is frightening.  I don't know why they are homeless or hungry, and I really don't care why.  I just know that I am glad that Tabernacle Baptist Church started a "Backpack Buddy" program to give these children bags of groceries to take home on Friday afternoons so that they will not be hungry. 

We donate regularly to the local Food Bank.  There are elderly people who don't have enough income to buy groceries and pay for their medications.  Are we to let them starve?

So, I ask you this.  In your use of Social Media are you trying to do something GOOD for the world, or are you just spreading hateful, prejudiced, selfish vitriol?  I'm trying to decide whether to participate any more in FB.  I am still praying that the good will overcome the me a Pollyanna!

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