Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter - A Truly Holy Day

Happy Easter my blogging followers/friends and readers.  Last night I stood outside on the steps of the beautiful old St. Joseph's Catholic Church as parishoners and friends waited to re-enter, with lit candles to celebrate Easter.  It was a humbling and awesome evening.  The weather was perfect, and even the birds flying overhead were joyous...lovely..

Easter is such a special time and it is so good to see people turning their eyes toward the Heavens and thanking God for all he has done for them. 

Passover being the same time this year, makes it even more special.  I don't believe in the "big bang" theory...never did.  There is just too much beautiful, wonderous and fantastic stuff in this world for it all to be one big accident.  NOT!

So, as this Easter Sunday comes to a close, I thank God for all he has blessed us with...for love, and family and sustenance.  I thank God for all the beauty we witness and fail to see every day...for the birds that sing and the Oceans with their endless surf pounding the shores the world around.  I pray for peace. 

I had a message today from a family member who has been estranged for many years.  She was reaching out...and I pray it is a sincere wish to reconcile.  This time of year is all about love and forgiveness.  Where would be all be if God held us accountable for all our mistakes?  We need to share love and to forgive as we have been forgiven.  To all of you reading this, may you have Peace, Joy and Love during this incredible season and all the year through.

God Bless

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