Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jesus Is The Same Everywhere

I just finished speaking with my Chinese friend a few moments ago via SKYPE.  We also spoke very briefly on the telephone so that I could hear her voice, as her microphone on her computer isn't working right now. 

We talk nearly every day now, and I am helping her with her English.  She is going to help me learn Chinese, but I am thinking that she will do much better in this exchange than I will.  Chinese seems to be a very difficult language. 

But one thing I have discovered in our conversations is that Jesus is the same everywhere.  Tonight when I put Jesus in the translator box for Google translate and had it transfer into spoken English, it was quite recognizable as Jesus name.  I found that so beautiful.  My heart was touched because it reminded me again of just how much the Father really loves us.  The Word God was not recognizable to me in Chinese, yet Jesus was.  The Father wants everyone in the world to know his Son. 

It has been a very touching experience learning about China and Chinese Christians over the past few weeks.  God is definitely doing a wonderful work in China.  Many, many Chinese are being saved.  We have it so easy here in the United States.  There is a church on every corner.  We don't have to worry about being persecuted for what we believe or say.  There are Bibles in every language at prices we can all afford.  There is no excuse not to know Jesus in this Country of ours.

In China it is not so easy.  There are so many people, so many dialects and persecution still exists there.  Yet, Christians are growing and flourishing.  I am praying tonight for my Christian "daughter" as she continues to share Christ with her people in her country. 

We share Bible verses when we talk.  I find it wonderful that she has memorized many of the same verses that I have.  Tonight she was talking about how God puts people in our paths to help us.  She thinks God put me in her path to help her, but I think it is that God put her in my path to lift me up and remind me how blessed I am.  She is a blessing to me and I will continue to share with you about her and what is going on with Christians in China. 

God Bless - Peace, Love, Joy

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