Monday, April 2, 2012

Taking Care of My Buddy

This is my little buddy.  Today was vaccination day, and he wasn't too happy about it.  He got all his vaccinations at once, a blood test, a fecal exam (thrill!) and his nails filed.  As usual however, he was so quiet and mellow.  He is a wonderful little friend.

It was a rather expensive cost for medications and vaccinations came to $195.  Yikes!  But that is the cost of keeping him healthy and free of parasites, and it is well worth it.

We have to go back soon to have his teeth cleaned...another $77, but just like people, problems with gums/teeth can cause other problems like kidney, heart, etc.  So I will drop him off one day and leave him while they clean his little chompers.

I am sharing all this because for those of you who don't yet have a dog or other pet, I want to remind you of the ongoing costs beside food and shelter.  I always get "rescue" animals, so I have never paid a huge price for my animals.  They have all been fantastic companions though.  But, if you have a dog or cat, it is IMPERATIVE that you get their yearly shots and vet visit.  Buddy also has grass allergies and I have to be careful not to let him get too excited about rolling around in the yard and rubbing his face in the grass!  Unfortunately, he loves doing just that and he sometimes needs an antihistamine to combat the runny nose and eyes that follow such a romp.

I also am a huge fan of the tablets you can obtain now for heartworm, flea and other parasite control.  They are flavored, chewable and one time a month easy!  If you are going to have a pet it is really important to be a responsible pet owner.  Check out that food you buy, and make sure that it is formulated for the size/type of dog you have.  You really can't "cheap out" and expect your dog to stay healthy.  The ingredients in your dog's diet are really important, and they need a variety of vitamins and minerals just like we do.  In spite of the fact that ALL doggies seem to just love "people food", most table scraps are not suitable for rover.  Oh, an occasional bite of lean chicken or other meat won't hurt, but regular feeding from the table is inadvisable.  It can also make the dog fat!!

So, besides giving your puppy hugs and pets and kindness, remember to take care of his/her medical needs just like you would a child.  They are completely dependent on you to take care of them properly.  Now go pet that puppy!

God Bless, Love-Peace-Joy!

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