Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend With The Girls

That little princess making the face at me, is Liv.Liv was enjoying the piano music by DINO at Rock Springs Church tonight as much as the rest of us.  It was a really great evening with lots of praise and worship going on.  DINO is really a great pianist and we all enjoyed the music he chose tonight.  There were old hymns and new ones, and fast ones and slow ones.  There was a great time of worship for all who attended.

It has been a busy weekend, beginning with meeting the girls to go see the movie Chimpanzee.  We met them outside a pizza store where this little character was standing on he sidewalk.  Now, the funny thing about this little slice of pizza is that when you walk up to the sidewalk, it just looks like a blown up balloon.  I walked over to touch it, however, and it moved!  I nearly jumped out of my skin!  There was actually a person inside the blow up costume.  I went inside and watched for a while as other people came by and were also surprised by the little character.  It was hysterical, like something you would see on a television gag show.  What fun. 

There really is nothing quite as good as spending time with grandchildren.  The boys and their family were in Pensacola this weekend for one of Eric's soccer tournaments.  They won by a large margin, and it was fun messaging back and forth and getting the scores.  I am proud of those boys from Warner Robins, they are really a great bunch of kids and great soccer players. 

I am counting down the days until moving day on Friday.  Thursday I am having a small gathering of neighbors to say goodbye and introduce them to the couple who bought our place.  This is a small community, and it is important that everyone stays  in contact with others here.  They all help to lift each other up in prayer and help out when someone is in need. It is what community really means.
I will miss my little home here in some ways, but I am sure that it is finally time after ten years to move on.  I am sure it is part of God's plan for me.  We will be moving into an apartment in North Macon for now as we move toward retirement in our new condo in Ft. Walton Beach.  I will enjoy visiting there for now whenever I get a chance.  Everything seems to be moving right along, and I am so excited to know I will finally be able to say I am really an "Okaloosa Girl," living on the beach where I am so at home.  For now, I will keep enjoying the grandchildren and taking them to the beach whenever I can. 

Tonight I feel relaxed and blessed.  It was a wonderful evening.

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