Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chimpanzees are Amazing

I am not often impressed with movies.  For one thing most of them have too much sex, violence and filthy language to suit me.  Consequently, I frequently end up seeing only "kid flicks."  Not that there is anything wrong with the kid movies, the animation nowadays is absolutely fantastic.  But, yesterday I had the opportunity to see one of the best films I have seen in a very long time.

I took my two granddaughters to see "Chimpanzee" yesterday.  It was a marvelous movie!  The cinematography was amazing, the chimps were absolutely fascinating and the story was poignant and touching.

This is the story of a darling little chimp named Oscar who through some unfortunate occurrences becomes an orphan.  When all the other Mommy chimps refuse to adopt him, it looks as though little baby Oscar may not survive.  Then, something no one could ever predict happens and Oscar is saved from death!  

The people who worked filming this adventure were so pleased and touched to be a part of this miraculous story.  No one could have predicted when they went out to film these chimps that such a marvelous turn of events would unfold in front of them.  They were all amazed.  In spite of the difficult circumstances involved in filming under these conditions, not one of them would have traded a minute of their time or any amount of money to be anywhere else.

If you haven't seen this film yet, and you have any compassion or love for animals, you must see this soon.  It will show you things you have never seen.  It will make you cry.  It will make you laugh (my little granddaughter was full of giggles time after time).  It will make you see just how intelligent these creatures are and how wonderfully they adapt to difficult circumstances.  It will also show you how important family is.  So, take yourself, and take a kid along if you want to hear them giggle, and go see this one.  It is so worth it!

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