Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It Isn't Over Yet!

Sunday I decided that it was finally time to see the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  To say that I enjoyed it would be and understatement!  It is a marvelous movie about the lives and choices of a bunch of individuals.  They are not OLD people in spite of all the trailers that would lead you to believe that is the case. 

In fact, one of the central characters in the movie is a very young hotel manager and his very young girlfriend.  Everyone in this picture seems to learn something about himself/herself as the story progresses. 

In the beginning of the movie you are very briefly introduced to six senior adults, all coming from different backgrounds and circumstances.  Each one of them brings to the movie a set of choices.  It is fascinating to watch as they are transported to a culture which is so very foreign from anything they have ever experienced.  There is a Civil Service retiree and his wife of forty years.  There is a Judge.  There is a newly widowed woman who has never struck out on her own in her entire life.  There is a lady who is English and going to India to get a hip replacement after finding out her wait in England would have been six months.  Then there is the little guy who is the hotel manager/owner who is trying to build something beautiful and exotic and wonderful in memory of his father. 

Each of the characters has a different way of handling their new set of circumstances.  To say the least the Most Exotic is not exactly what ANY of them expected. Upon arrival they immediately have to make a decision of whether to stay or go.  For some of them the decision is easier than others. 

This movie will make you, no matter what age you are, examine your direction and priorities in life.  I felt saddened that about 90% of the people watching the movie on Sunday were over 50.  This is NOT JUST A MOVIE FOR SENIORS!  This movie has valuable life lessons for each and every person out there.  One of my favorite lines of the movie was "Everything will be alright in the end, and if it isn't alright, it isn't the end yet!"  What a marvelous way to think! 

This is a movie about learning to take risks and step out and make the best of the situation you are in, no matter what.  It is a movie which states you are NEVER too old to learn something new or to take a risk.  Without taking a few risks, you will miss ever so many wonderful experiences in life!

I used to sail in the Bahamas with a friend of mine for 2 to 6 weeks at a time.  It was just the two of us out there on a 37 foot catamaran in that great big Caribbean.  Oh, there were times we were nervous or scared, but I wouldn't trade those marvelous, exhilarating experiences for anything.  There were risks for sure, storms for one...pirates for another!  But that time soaking up the sun, sailing on the winds and dodging storms are priceless memories. 

I have a new friend in China who I talk with every day now on SKYPE.  China...huge, mysterious and entirely foreign to anything I have ever known.  The desire at the top of my "bucket list" now is a trip to China.  I am not afraid to go alone.  I am not afraid to experience a completely different culture and learn from it.  How about you?  Have you worked on a bucket list?  Do you have things you would like to do during this short span of your lifetime?  Plan for it.  Dream about it.  Make it happen!

I recommend The New Exotic Marigold Hotel to anyone who wants to see great acting, colorful and exotic backgrounds, culture different from their own.  Heck, it's a great movie, just go for it!  I promise you will not regret it!

God Bless - Peace, Love and Joy

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